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Apr 11 2016.

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Lance has just returned to Sri Lanka after a hiatus of ten years. Working as the Chief Creative Office at Discofish, Lance likes movies, music, automobiles and Korean TV series. A fan of Star Wars Lance’s hobbies are collecting all things relating to Star Wars, model cars and action figures. He is voluble by his own admission and will talk about anything except politics and religion. 

Why do you love travel? 

It enables one to gain new experiences, away from the familiar and lets one expand one’s synapses about people and cultures. It is also a chance to recharge one’s brain cells. 

Your favourite travel destination and why? 

Singapore. Everything you need, 15 minutes away from anywhere. It is clean and orderly. No chaos. 

What do you need for a perfect holiday? 

An iPad filled with books and music. Doesn’t even have to be connected to the Internet. oh and a nanny because I've got three kids. Has to be near a beach with proper sand and water and palm trees. 

In which country have you felt most at home? 

Sri Lanka. Oman comes a close second. But I am an adapter, I feel comfortable anywhere. 

Most unusual souvenir you have brought home? 

Not a souvenir shopper really, as they take space away form the interesting things you can buy. 

Worst holiday or travel experience? 

Funnily enough it was in Unawatuna last year when we came down for a holiday. My favourite place gave me the worst rooms ever and it was arguably the hottest season ever weatherwise. 

Best piece of travel advice? 

Pack light, and take an open mind. 

Your top five travel destinations? 

Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Tahiti and Switzerland. 

What has travel taught you? 

The journey is the destination. Enjoy the heck out of it. 

Which country did you taste the best ever cuisine? 

Sri Lankan food in a little hole-in-the-wall place in Deira, Dubai. They made it with love. Shuwa (an Omani dish of lamb or mutton cooked underground, and served at special occasions) comes a close second. 

Next travel destination? 


By Tina Edward Gunawardhana


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