Lifebouy’s H for Handwashing movement

Oct 15 2020. views 251

The ABCs of education haven’t changed in over a hundred years. Maybe, now is the time.

Handwashing saves lives. It’s a lesson many pandemics have taught us. But it is also the lesson we forget very easily. Which is why, this Global Handwashing Day, we are pledging to forever change Sri Lankans handwashing behaviour.

A for Apple, B for Ball. We never forget these first lessons of life. Lifebuoy proposes to forever change ‘H for Hat’ to ‘H for Handwashing’ by collaborating with educators and publishers of kids’ content in Sri Lanka.

To spread the word, go to Instagram, use the #HforHW filter. You may also tag #HforHandwashing and #DoTheLifebuoy on your Facebook or Instagram profile. The more you post, the more educators we reach with our program.

Here is how you can support the H for Handwashing movement in 3 easy ways.
1. Go to Instagram @lifebuoysoap
2. Use our #HforHandwashing Filter to create a cool video, Tag it
3. Tag and share your own unique video teach HforHandwashing


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