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Round The Block truly lives up to their slogan ‘The new kid Round The Block’. Offering goodies ranging from creamy cheesecakes to tiramisu, Shahlaa Imran has what it takes to become a dominating force in the baking world. Having personally tried their mini cheesecakes, there is no doubt that their cheesecakes are one of the best in the market! Adding a luxurious feel to their products while maintaining affordable prices, Round the Block is a dessert spot that will ensure that your cravings are satisfied. 

1. What kind of baked goods do you offer?
Our menu is primarily based on cheesecakes, brownies, cupcakes and other premium range dessert options such as tiramisu, assorted mousse flavours, puddings and no bake cheese cake shots. We are also working on launching an entirely new Italian range - so stay posted! 

2.  What inspired you to start this business?
I’d say inspiration to me wasn’t generated from one thing. I love creativity and the art to my canvas turned out to be in the form of baking. The road to entrepreneurship is made up of many small wins before the big goal is reached. I found baking to be very peaceful. It became a good form of therapy and the end result produced a wonderful product. As I progressed with my skill level, baking went from just a hobby to a flourishing business.

3. What kind of an impact has Covid-19 made on your business?
It definitely kept me busy. It made me put my fullest effort to give the best of what I had to offer. I had the full support of my customers and especially my delivery partners. This particular period helped me to build confidence and to introduce a larger variety of products to a wider audience, for which I am very grateful.

4. How had the response been so far? 
The response was unimaginable! They say good intentions count. My hard work paid off with every positive feedback and the increasing inflow of paid bank deposits. 

5. What would you say that makes you different from other dessert places?
I would say I’m different from a general perspective - “You do you!”  Every detail is a connection with my inner self. From the fonts to the packaging to the innovative products, I choose based on what I think would catch the customer's eye. I also painstakingly add my personal touch in each complete product. So, to answer your question in a nutshell - uniqueness!

6. How have you utilized social media to get your business known among its customer base and public? 
My social media platform is an extension of my online portfolio and personal brand. Clients and followers, especially on Instagram love fresh and interesting content and that's the motivation I needed to grow my brand presence online.

7. What is the most fulfilling thing you have felt during the operations of your business?
I absolutely love the fact that the desserts/cakes we provide for our valued clients are all made from scratch, customized and provide that extra special touch to special events and other wonderful life occasions and milestones. It gives me an immense feeling of satisfaction to know that my products were a part of someone's once in a lifetime event and helped make the event a memorable experience.

8. What is the product you are most proud of?
Undeniably the Cheesecakes! They are our best-selling items and my pièce de résistance!

9. What kind of orders do you take? Are they often customized or do you have a standard menu?
We do have our standard menu but we also custom make it according to customer requests, and we also accommodate special requests. All orders are taken on a pre order basis. 

10. What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a home-baker?
Delivering the carefully crafted package to our end customers via our delivery partners and ensuring there are no mishaps.

11. What are your future plans for your business?
Lots of new exciting business opportunities coming our way in terms of expansion! So stay tuned to find out more! 

You can find Round the Block on Instagram (@roundtheblock_rtb) and place your order

By Tiranya Ranasinghe


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