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Located along the sandy beach right in front of De Alwis Place, Dehiwala,  Pink Salt is one of the hottest new restaurants in Colombo. It is the dream venture of young entrepreneur Diarra Wickremasinghe, who is also the owner of the Home Bakery “Brown Sugar”.  Pink Salt is a restaurant that specialises in delicious Asian Fusion Cuisine! Due to the current lockdown, they are only operating for takeaway and delivery but once they open up for dine-in they offer a beautiful alfresco setting, perfect for chilling out with your friends, having a drink, feasting on some fantastic food while enjoying a breathtaking sunset and the softness of the sandy beach under your feet. With the Marine Drive being extended all the way to Dehiwala it’s super convenient to access the restaurant as well! 

Pink Salt is such a unique name and I was curious to find out how it came to be and what it signified. When asked, Diarra replied with enthusiasm “Pink Salt was a family vote! The Wickremasinghe family spent lots of time brainstorming and arrived at a name that is quirky, modern and fun. Pink Salt resonates with the sea- it brings out the saltiness, breeze and lightness you’d feel by the ocean, in all its bliss.  It also helped that ‘Pink Salt’ compliments ‘Brown Sugar’ really well” and that was as perfect as a reason can be!  

The Food 
Pink Salt offers quite an extensive menu ranging from appetisers and soups to mains such as rice and noodles paired up with delicious sides like cuttlefish, prawns, chicken and beef. I got to try out four of their signature dishes namely the Hot Butter Cuttlefish (HBC) (Rs. 1050/-), Prawn Balls (Rs. 1000/-), Crispy Sweet Chillie Beef (Rs. 980/-) and the Baked Barramundi (Rs. 980/-). 

The HBC just blew me away and was easily my favourite dish! I highly recommend you try this out. The batter was crispy, the cuttlefish itself was soft and a tad chewy, and it was seasoned to perfection. It was super spicy, the flavour of the cuttlefish just exploded in my mouth and it was one of those rare dishes that you don’t just taste but you experience! The bottom line, it’s totally worth Rs. 1050/- so just order it now! 

The Prawns Balls were a mouthwatering delight! Coated with a layer of deep-fried, bite-size chunks of bread it was stuffed to the brim with delicious mashed prawn which included a number of condiments that gave out a fantastic taste. Paired up with the sweet chilli sauce I would certainly give 5/5 for this dish!

Their best-seller, the Crispy Sweet Chillie Beef, looked so appetising and was pleasantly aromatic that I took a few moments to savour the sight and inhale the aroma before I gulped it down within seconds! It was super crispy and the sweet chilli sauce had just the right balance of flavour and texture as opposed to being too sugary or runny. I understand why it’s a best seller because when you’re enjoying a drink with your friends it’s perfect to have as a side dish!

In the best possible way, the barramundi surprised my palate with its powerful flavour! It was well done, melted in my mouth and had a mildly spicy curry poured lightly on top. It also had a very distinct tang which I thought added a delightful twist in terms of flavour and left a very interesting aftertaste which was great! The spice and tang really went well together and this is certainly a dish that you should be adding to your order! 

All things considered Pink Salt is a fantastic place to give your tastebuds a much deserved savoury treat! The portion sizes are quite filling, the prices are reasonable for the quality and quantity and overall I can give this Pink Salt a solid 8/10! So if you’re working hard from home or even just lazing around, got a little cash to spare and craving some food that’ll blow you away, Pink Salt is the place you should be calling! 

Best Dish - Hot Butter Cuttlefish (An absolute “must-have”!)
Stars - 8/10
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Address - 56/1, De Alwis Place, Dehiwala



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