Bird and Bear Catering Pop-Up at Kala

Feb 01 2024.

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Founded out of a passion for creating exceptional food, Shavini Ruberu is on a roll (no pun intended!). The business she started in 2020  has seen rapid growth and Shavini is now the “go-to” person for catering exquisite canapés and flavourful food for private events.  With relentless commitment and passion, Bird and Bear continually raise the bar as Colombo’s premier boutique caterer with a singular approach to putting people first. Invited by Saskia Fernando, one of the organisers of Kala, Bird and Bear has been running the café at the Lionel Wendt.

Q How did the opportunity to collaborate come about?
Saskia’s team got in touch with us to run the cafe at Lionel Wendt for KALA, we’ve previously done curated menus and events for the MMCA as well. I also liked the opportunity to collaborate.

Q Why did you select these particular foods?
We mainly cater canapés and dinners for events such as intimate weddings, parties, corporate events etc. Our artisanal baked goods are crowd pleasers, wholesome comfort food that we all know and love with a little B&B twist. 

Q What does it mean for your brand to be associated with an event of this nature?
Associations such as this are good for the brand and also an opportunity to showcase the food we do.

Q Given the rising cost of ingredients how do you balance commerce with creating quality food?
That’s a tough one! I do not compromise on the quality of the ingredients I use so invariably there are times when margins are slim.

Q How would you assess the response to your pop-up at Kala?
This is our first pop-up cafe, and the response from our clients has been phenomenal!

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