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Did you know today I go back to the time when things were simple, a basic T shirt is a MUST have, it all started off as strictly underwear, developed into workwear and is now a definitive style essential.

Think about it that can be worn for any occasion, from under a shirt, with a suit - and dress it down or up, to the gym, beach or even to bed. 
But remember it’s all in the fit, make sure you compliment your best feature, always keep the sleeve length in mind! 

These guys have a lot to offer, so for more details check their FB or Insta page as the collection is big now from the last time I met up and worked with them. 

It’s always easy to keep it simple and make a statement and these T-shirt’s are the best to do it with. 

1. What’s new with the 353 line up? 

​First off, thank you for having us back! A lot has happened since the last time we were on. We’ve stuck to the same Classic Cut which all our customers love. We however were able to further improve on the quality of the fabric, expand the range of colours and offer our customers two tone options for the first time 

The current line up has 14 Classic cuts for our customers to pick from, however we plan on doubling this to 24 Classic cuts before the end of March 2020. 

2. Tell me about your collection which you have featured today? 

As mentioned, the new lineup features new material and Colours. However we also tweaked a lot of the detailing on the tee which you will see in the new Classic cuts. 

3. Refresh my memory on how the brand name came about? it’s a fun story I’m told!

​The brand name was an inside joke that the three of us (Founders) had amongst each other back in School. What better to call a brand we collectively created than a euphemism of our shared sense of humour. 

4. Your designs are simple and you guys said you want it like that too, reason?

The main reason we started the brand was because it was so hard to find simple and well-designed T-shirts in Sri Lanka. Basic Tees are an absolute essential the world over, yet we couldn’t find any worth buying in Sri Lanka. Hence our commitment to focus on design and not art.

5. What would you say is your personal style? 

3.5.3 all day every day, Comfort is important but not looking like a slob is important too. Striking the balance between dressing sharp and comfortable is what we try and aim for. We try our best to look good but make it look easy at the same time. 
6. What is the process of creating and marketing your design? Your design inspiration. (cut, fit, colour picking)

​The inspiration since after the inception of 3.5.3 has been from our customers, we love speaking to people who wear our product. I’d say the colourways that we have now are all from understanding what our customers are asking for.  
7. Who do you envision wearing your work? a
nd who would you say is your biggest client?  

We have an amazing and rapidly growing group of people who support and love the brand since we’ve stayed true to our story from day one. We have so many different types of people who wear the brand.  It’s almost impossible to envision one group of the market anymore. We have so many big clients that buy up several units of each colourway that we release. Ishi, Rashen, Javin, Amila, Aqib, Hashen to name a few, why not shout them out given the opportunity?
8. 353 has changed in the lineup of colours, you have more bright shades, what is the most selling, is it the bright ones or the subtle shades?  

Darker shades move the fastest hence we were reluctant to introduce the brighter ones. However, with the recent release of the Turquoise and Honey Mustard which we sold out twice we are becoming more confident of the market’s acceptance of the brighter colours. 
9. What would you say are 5 important items which need to be in any man’s wardrobe?

1. Plain Classic cut tees a MUST! 
2. Dark Jeans
3. Beige/Khaki Cotton pants 
4. Brown/Black Belts
5. Any Shoe that’s not black 
10. Why would you say it’s important to own a simple, plain T?

Versatility Is the key reason, Countless ways to wear your t-shirt. Matched with the right pair of pants, shoes and accessories, there are only a very few places you won’t fit in. 
Also, as a habit I always have a fresh 3.5.3 in the car at any time, you never know when you need one, and boy do they come in handy!. 
11. Where can one come to buy a 353 and do you deliver? 

There are several ways and here are a few: 
- They are available at Ripe 40 Flower Rd, Colombo 007. 
- Call us on +94 77777 9940 and set up a time to see the full collection at No. 17, Lily Avenue, Wellawatte. 
- DM on Instagram to organise delivery 
- Message us on Facebook to organise delivery  
Designers – (Vishva Wanigasekera, Anish Thadani & Devin Sisiranatha) 
Photographer –
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Danu is a Jaffna Boy with a Marketing qualification (only because he needed to study, and not because he wanted it). He has been a part of the team for seven years and is the face behind Buzz with Danu, and WTF.


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