Exhibition of Temple Art Interiors

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A collection of temple art designs including replicas of an 18th century Makara Thorana,  a decorative ceiling painting of the Dalada Maligawa, a pettagama, a flag of the Hathara Korale, notebooks, lamps with temple art designs adorn the rear end of Haya Gallery, located at the heart of Battaramulla. The exhibition, another creative concept by veteran designer and choreographer Senaka De Silva will be open for visitors from April 24 – May 24.

The reproductions of these masterpieces were done by Dhammika Bandara, a veteran in the industry. “Most paintings are those done during the Kandyan Era,” he said in an interview with the Daily Mirror Life. “I would first go to a temple, study the original painting and redo it without distorting the original look. Certain pieces would take around a month to finish. I studied art for my A/L s and then did a course at the National Replica School in Bataleeya. I developed a liking for it and then studied fresco conservation under Prof. Nimal De Silva. Thereafter I participated in competitions and even held solo exhibitions in Sri Lanka and overseas as well. I also won the Presidential Award for traditional paintings I did. I appreciate the support extended by Mr Senaka De Silva for introducing temple art in pieces of art such as notebooks and giving a boost to this industry.”

In his comments, De Silva said that the owners of the Gallery were keen to promote local artisans. “Therefore I thought we would have little exhibitions of this nature. We would get different craftsmen to exhibit their products. This gallery has a good clientele from hotels to interior decorators, architects who are interested in these pieces. Therefore this will be an ideal platform for local artisans to be empowered at a time like this. Many artisans have given up on their professions due to the economic hardships that they are going through.”



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