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Feb 15 2023.

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I catch up with my fellow cast members for their take on the upcoming glam movie hit, Yaaluwoda? Yaaluida?

A fresh new fashion-forward movie is about to hit Colombo. Having been in movies over the last decade, being a part of this one, was a treat to be sure. I got to put my best-dressed foot forward and rub shoulders with a bunch of fun and social media-savvy stars.

Recently I sat down with my fellow cast members to talk about the whirlwind production of Yaaluwoda? Yaaluida? Which is directed by Dilshara Jayamanne, a new and modern-minded Director who has broken the norms of local cinema. The film is essentially about getting out of the friend zone, and finding love, in the backdrop of the flamboyant fashion industry. The movie is of great standard, with cinematography and wardrobe being the best I’ve seen in the biz.

Speaking with the stunning Yureni Noshika, who plays a formidable fashion antagonist, she had much to say about working alongside newcomer Eraj Gunewardane. “I really think that Dilshara has come in to fill a void in the local cinema. I was thrilled I got to play a female antagonist, which was super empowering. She manipulates a young boy, Eraj, who is a shy guy. Eraj was actually pretty shy around me at our first table read! He channelled that shyness all throughout the film and made the character come to life, as I dominated him throughout the film, but I was only acting, I swear!”.

She also said “this was such a fun experience, working with such a young cast! I think young people are going to love the music, the fashion and the twists and turns in store. Yaaluwoda? Yaaluida? is the answer to all the audiences who were looking for a change.” 

Speaking to the crazy talented Dinakshi Priyasad, about her love for playing Ramani who she calls the ‘Sri Lankan Cruella’, she said  “the set was super fun and crazy. Loved playing against Yureni, who I admire and adore as a Sri Lankan artiste and the fresh face Shereen Willis who works very hard and is ambitious at the same time. I found it so difficult being nasty to this poor child Shereen who plays Stephi.  But glad that she was supportive, and the chemistry just worked! It was a treat to act with Yureni. The little gossip sessions in between takes amongst the 3 girls were the best part!”

Shy guy Eraj Gunewardane was truly a sensation in this movie. I got a chance to chat with him about his first local film production. “I come from a theatre background. I found my decisions regarding this movie and being a part of it came from a place of trust and comfort. Dilly or Dilshara, the Director was the main reason I felt good about being a part of this glam production as a first-timer. He made me and Shereen feel so comfortable. This coming-of-age, fashion-forward movie was a wonderful experience to shoot. Every single experienced member of the movie, was supportive and inspiring, making me and my love interest Shereen Willis who is also a first-timer, feel a part of the process. I am so excited to see how the fans react and hope they see how much fun we had making this movie!”.

DJ Mass also cameos in the film, making it a musical sensation. He raved about young, hot, new singing collaborator Romain Willis. “I met Dilshara 28 years ago, we DJed together, and even then, we were obsessed with making a new sound. When he shared the amazing lyrics he had penned for “Tharunai”, I knew Romaine was the perfect fit when I heard her jump on the track. My goal was to make this a hit amongst young fans, catering to what is trending right now, whilst keeping my signature sound."

I can’t wait to meet all the friends I made on the move at the glitzy red-carpet premiere this week, and I’m more excited for the rest of Sri Lanka to see it when it launches March 3rd at cinemas island-wide.


Danu Innasithamby

Danu is a Jaffna Boy with a Marketing qualification (only because he needed to study, and not because he wanted it). He has been a part of the team for seven years and is the face behind Buzz with Danu, and WTF.


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