My Sister’s Kitchen collaborates with Hotel MaRadha for the Jaffna Food Festival

May 11 2023.

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Experience the ultimate culinary journey at the upcoming Jaffna Food Festival hosted by Hotel MaRadha in collaboration with Danu Innasithamby and Thushara Innasithamby of My Sister’s Kitchen. The festival will be held from May 11th to May 14th and promises to be a gastronomic delight. Thushara's collaborations with various hotels and restaurants have always been successful, earning her a reputation for delivering unique and delicious food that appeals to a wide range of diners.

Her focus on traditional Jaffna cuisine has particularly won over people who are eager to experience one of Sri Lanka's most interesting regional cuisines. Thushara's Jaffna Food Festival collaboration with Hotel MaRadha promises to be no different. With the use of fresh ingredients sourced from Jaffna, she will be preparing authentic Jaffna dishes as well as some staples that are sure to delight guests.

Dishes that are not usually available in Colombo will also be featured, adding to the allure of the event. What sets Thushara's Jaffna cuisine apart is the passion and care she puts into every dish, ensuring that each one has a unique twist that adds to the overall flavour profile. Her dishes are not only delicious but also evoke a sense of nostalgia and tradition, giving diners a chance to experience a truly authentic taste of Jaffna. In addition to her culinary skills, Thushara is also known for her generosity and warm personality, making her collaborations a true delight for both foodies and casual diners alike. Her commitment to showcasing the best of Jaffna cuisine has not only earned her a loyal following but also helped to bring greater awareness to this unique and underrepresented regional cuisine. 

Thushara's Jaffna Food Festival has something for everyone, so don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to experience the flavours of Jaffna.

TIME- 7 pm onwards
PRICED- at Rs 3750 net per person
CONTACT-  +94 70 654 3223. 
LOCATION - No. 31, St. Kildas Lane, Marine Drive, Colombo 03.


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