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Nov 14 2023.

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Today on the Buzz I speak to Dmitri about what’s new in her world of music, because this is the season and who can say NO to anything Christmas? 

1. Tell me about the world of music, as you have now gone into teaching. 
It’s amazing how you get to meet so many different people of all ages and personalities and the talent each possesses. It also required my teaching style to adapt to every student I encounter. 

2. As a performer who has taken up all styles of singing from musicals to gospel and even Sinhala songs, what would you say is your favorite? 
I used to love musical theatre, but now it’s more finding songs that inspire me to tell that particular story within the song and being able to convey that to the audience and make them feel what I do when I am singing that song. So it can be anything really. 

3. You have an upcoming concert, tell me more about it. 
As a “Christmas obsessed” person, I’ve managed to do only one Christmas concert before, which was 7 years ago and I’m happy to be able to do a Christmas-themed concert this year. on the 2nd of December, named “Season of Light”. The concert will be at the Western Province Aesthetic Resort Auditorium (NADA), which will include several well-known Christmas songs and I’ll be accompanied by a talented set of musicians, namely - Menaka Sahabandu (Piano), Rukshan Aponso(Keyboard), Maxi Peters (Bass) , Ajith Kodikara (Violin and Flute) and Charith Fernando (Drums). The concert will also feature the Intermediate Choir of Bishop’s College and a few other guest artists as well. 

4. What’s going to be new or a featured artist this year? 
In terms of the concert? It won’t be just song after song, although I think everyone does enjoy Christmas music in general. There’ll be a little more drama and entertainment within the programme. 

5. I know being in entertainment is tough when it comes to Sponsors, how has it been for you?
As an individual performer who has no company in my name backing me up or a set committee, it has been extremely tough. It’s limiting, in terms of what I can do within a performance and in that sense can restrict the progress or growth as a performer. 
6. When we were in school, school choirs were a BIG thing, and performing for it, was a great feeling, how do the students see it today? 
There are students who do feel the same and are quite passionate about singing and the choir culture. But there is so much more going on for them now and they are involved in so much more, which can tend to distract them or not be able to give much time that we were able to. 

7. A musician who has been a true inspiration to you and why? 
I don’t have one in particular. It can be any random song or artist which captures my interest at any given time. 

8. What would you say, is your all-time favourite Christmas song? 
I love Christmas in all its glory, but I do specifically love all the classics. 

9. Tickets and location? 
Tickets will be priced at 5000/- and 3000/- (downstairs) and balcony at 1500/- , available at NADA auditorium from the 20th of November onwards or you can contact 0776465171/ 0718935301 to Pre-book.

10. What would be your Christmas wish this year?
Stability, peace and love. In every sense.



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