An exhibition by Yuko Okada Showcasing Arts and Culture of Japan

Sep 13 2023.

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Yoko Okada, long-time resident of Sri Lanka, showcases the art and culture of her native country Japan as well as her love of exploring different cultures. Born and raised in Kyushu, Japan, Yoko moved to Sri Lanka in the 60s when she married Mahinda Weerapura, in a ceremony attended by the late Prince Mikasa of Japan.

Yoko began her art journey with batik, creating beautiful pieces that graced the runways of some of Sri Lanka’s first fashion shows in the 80s. Yoko also worked with Ikebana and used her artistic talents to host a radio show. Yoko first explored painting in her younger years and continued in the early 2000s as a student of Dr Sarath Chandrajeewa, whom she studied under for several years as she worked to develop her own style. Yoko favours acrylic paint on canvas with strong, bright colours and precise lines.

There is a lot of attention to detail in her work. One can enjoy the different styles and themes of Yoko’s paintings, from the Ukiyo-e style pieces of her native Japan; to portraits and landscapes of intriguing, faraway countries and people; to her big, bright, bold paintings of flowers. Yoko’s last exhibition was in 2010 at the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery in Colombo. Many of those pieces were auctioned off for charity and are now displayed throughout the world in private collections.

You will find Yoko’s art in Tokyo, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur, and Colombo, among other places. Though none of her work is currently available for purchase, you can still enjoy a permanent limited collection of Yoko’s work at Sayura House Boutique Hotel in Wellawatte. The decision to hold this exhibition came as a result of recommendations from those who love and appreciate Yoko’s artwork.

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