‘Never thirst again’

Mar 31 2023.

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The choir of The Cathedral of Christ the living saviour presents ‘Never thirst again!’ A passion tide cantata on Saturday the 1st April at 7.00pm at the Cathedral which is adjoining the BMICH on Bauddhaloka Mawatha. The programme which is only an hour will take the congregation through Jesus’s triumphant entry to Jerusalem, his arrest, crucifiction and resurrection. 

Speaking to the Daily Mirror Ishan de Lanerolle, Director of the Cathedral choir, said that Never Thirst Again “is a short yet powerful and meaningful cantata.”

There will be an opening and closing hymn, the lyrics of which will be on a QR code on the invitations which are available free of charge. These invitations have been printed to help with the logistics on the day, and cane be purchased at The Commons coffee house and the Cathedral office.



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