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I once again joined hands with these two amazing women to work on another show. The Shangri-La doors opened on Saturday to a show (Timeless Classics), that left people asking for more. 

Shehara Liyanage is no stranger to the stage and she stirred up all emotions in us who saw what she did on stage, together with Soundarie David Rodrigo. I caught up with them on the show today on Buzz with Danu.

About the 
songs you chose that night?
We wanted to touch on a little bit of the old and the new, a programme that had variety and showcased the more jazzier numbers to big 
broadway selections, pop and even a classical, catering to a wider audience.

What was the thinking behind the name Timeless Classics?
I think most people misunderstood the title for classical pieces. But for Soundarie and myself, a song whether old or
new, was timeless in itself. For example, Unforgettable will always be forever timeless but so can an Adele track. Because whatever the year a song is released, over a certain period, it will eventually become timeless. That was the thinking behind it.

About the musicians? And how long have you been working on this show?
To simply cap it off in one word the musicians are ‘phenomenal'. 
They adapted so well to each song effortlessly and added colour to the entire repertoire. Having worked with them over the last three weeks, I learnt a great deal. They're humble, fun and truly inspiring. I'm blessed to have worked with each and every individual. 

How did the Rotary get involved in this show?
During this year I performed in Melbourne for a charity called the BEAP project that is currently building a trauma unit in Batticaloa and the success of the concert there inspired us to do another in Sri Lanka to further help the cause. It is at this time that a few members from the BEAP got in touch with Rotary who are well known for the many charitable projects they've undertaken and by combining the dengue eradication along with the trauma unit joined forces to see this concert through.


What’s next? 
We go back to Melbourne next year for another concert and hopefully tour from there on. I haven’t thought beyond that to be honest. But as always I will keep you posted. 

I caught up with Soundarie as well. 

“Soul” performed again at this show, tell me about the pieces you performed?
Soul performed three of the works I had composed for the first show in June earlier this year. The first being 
Barock - which is influenced by the styles of baroque music from the classical genre and rock, the second one being Hoofbeats - influenced by a vannama also showcasing a fusion of traditional and western drums and the third piece being 'Complicated' a piece for voice and band. 


How has it been working with Shey for this show?
As you know Shehara has been one of the 
lead and founder members of Soul Sounds and I have obviously, over the years, watched her grow to be the strong voice and woman she is today. So as always, it had been a rewarding experience working with her. And it's not just about the voice but working out arrangements exchanging ideas - all of which helped in putting together the show you saw on Sunday.

The cause of the show, and what will we look out for with you in the near future?
The cause - is following up what we set our minds to help - the BEAP project which was the fundraiser we did in Melbourne in March this year - it's for an emergency trauma unit in Batticaloa and also for dengue prevention. Both worthy causes we are happy to be a part of... and as for the future... you must wait and see but there is sure to be more of these very special concerts where there will be something for everyone with the very talented Shehara and of course arrangements uniquely crafted to add that difference to make it special.

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