Why should I keep my skin well-hydrated?

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It’s not merely an old wives’ tale that “healthy skin is well-hydrated skin”. Every day you step out into a minefield of germs, bacteria, dirt and let’s not forget the scorching rays responsible for damaging your skin! Before you know it, the skin is left feeling vulnerable, exposed to shifting climatic conditions and unable to wholly equip itself against further harm. But it doesn’t stop there. Poor lifestyle habits like too much sugar or caffeine intake, consuming alcohol or excessive smoking can also hinder your skin’s natural defences. 

As different people have varying skin textures, some will result in acne breakouts while others will notice cracking and flaking along the epidermis. You might also notice your skin becoming prone to crow’s feet and dark circles at an earlier stage than predicted. These are only a few indicators communicated by your body to warn you of the lack of skin hydration. 

Don’t let your skin suffer. Well-hydrated skin can work miracles for your appearance. Turn back the hands of time and bring back your natural, youthful glow by incorporating skin-hydration into your beauty regime. Here’s our top 4 recommendations: 

1. Drink water — with a twist 
You’ve possibly heard it a countless number of times but it remains the most effective method of skin hydration. The body comprises 70% of water, which, in an extremely humid country like Sri Lanka, tends to exit rapidly with perspiration. Add some flavour to your water by squeezing in lemon juice and dropping in a few mint leaves. Not only will it flush out harmful toxins and cleanse your skin but it’s also delicious! Try and purchase a filtration bottle to have this fantastic detox combo on the go.


2. Consume fruits and vegetables which aid hydration
Sri Lanka is blessed with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, easily available throughout the island. Keep a keen look-out for fruits and vegetables high in water content, especially fruits like watermelons (92% of water), pineapples (87%), plums (85%), grapes (81%) and bananas (74%) and vegetables like cucumber (96%), snake gourd (95%), tomatoes (94%) and spinach (92%). 
(Source: healthyeating.com) 


3. Avoid harmful UV rays 
How is it possible to avoid harmful sunrays when we live in a tropical country? Simple. Mainly avoid exposure to sunlight from approximately 12 pm – 4 pm when its brightness and intensity are at its peak. Furthermore, purchase an effective sunscreen and routinely apply it to ensure maximum protection.   

4. Use products which boost moisturization and hydration 
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