Why Is Makeup Important?

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What “wearing makeup” amounts to, differs from one woman to another. For some it’s a fully contoured face with the works and for others it’s a bit of foundation and a touch of mascara to go. 

Either way, with an overabundance of make up at every nook and corner and every shop, with hundreds of brands to choose from - it’s easy to become confused and contemplate why makeup is so great! 

Having spoken to a few regular makeup users, we came up with all the reasons why makeup is so popular and important; 

Look Good, Feel Good 

Wearing makeup is always a little additional ego booster which we always need from time to time! It’s about finding that perfect lip colour and feeling great every time you wear it and perfecting that wing liner just when you have to go out.  Wearing your favourite makeup not only makes you look extra gorgeous, it also gives you a bit of an ego boost. And when you look good, you also feel confident! 

Protection To The Skin 

Using a foundation (eg: POND’S BB+) or a tinted moisturizer containing sun protection can help protect your skin from harmful rays and even pollution when you are running around the city. It’s not just about looking good, it’s also about protecting your sensitive skin. 

Enhances Your Features 

Cosmetics help to enhance our appearance and make us feel more confident.  We know what features we love best about yourself and with the right tools and the right make up, you can choose to flatter your best features and play down those you’re not quite so fond of! 

Switch It Up! 

It’s crazy what a little bit of makeup can do to how you look! How do you go from a day look to a night look? It’s all in a matter of changing the shade of your lipstick and the thickness of your mascara! With makeup you can go from having a subtle look with minimal foundation and nude lipstick for work to having thick eyelashes, bold red lips and a perfectly contoured look for your night out! 

Cleanses Your Face 

Wearing makeup won’t cleanse your face but it will definitely get you into a good cleansing routine! It’s a known fact that going to bed with makeup is a huge NO so spending a few minutes every day cleaning your face will get you into a routine that will keep your skin clean and fresh everyday! 



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  1. Anura DeSilva says:

    I like to share a totally different perspective in makeup and hope my point is accepted in good spirit. Recently when I tried to educate my very young niece who was starting to embark on wearing makeup, I found my own grownup daughter shutting me up as if I didn't know what I was talking about. Failing that attempt to explain myself, I like to share my thoughts on this post. Please don't take me wrong, I love the beauty of the illusions created by makeup due to the fantasy that can take the minds of an audience even for a moment. The flip side is that unless women wear makeup 24x7, the illusion can somewhat become a “trick” on those trying to get to know her. The flip side of the argument is that women wear makeup mostly to look & feel good for themselves without the intent to deceit, then in such a case, I consider the woman may need psychological help more than makeup in order to feel good about her. I believe most people do their best to minimize or refrain from using shampoo or other toxic ingredients and I myself only use conditioner when I shower to reduce the chemical effect on my body even though I wish I can only use fresh lime and a non-toxic soap. But I cannot imagine how far most women are willing to go (ex: Nicki Minaj) to change their total outlook by plastering layers of various chemically toxic makeup on one of their most valuable parts of the body: the face. Knowing the damage the toxicity causes, women are compelled to wash off the makeup at least before going to bed while that can create almost a double appearance on their most intimate partner. It is one thing for a public performer be it a circus clown, Beyoncé or Nicki Minaj to mask their faces with makeup to portray a different image but for the rest of us who doesn’t have such a livelihood/need, I believe we all enjoy seeing the natural beauty of anything, including women,

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