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It was only a few weeks ago that I ‘donated’ my head of hair to be experimented on by a young hairdressing student who needed a model to show off her hair colouring skills. I emerged with a nice head of red hair which however after two weeks was in much need of a good conditioning treatment. Cue a visit to the Toni and Guy salon in Ward Place. With more than 50 years of experience in hair care expertise, Toni and Guy, a company with British roots (pardon the pun) have a presence across 50 countries worldwide. 

This was my first visit to a Toni and Guy salon in Sri Lanka and I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful interiors and the politeness of the staff. After examining my hair, the hairdresser explained the various types of conditioning treatments they offered and suggested that I opt for the Honey and Oat conditioning treatment. After washing my hair using Label.M Honey and Oat Shampoo, he sectioned my hair and applied a product called the Label.m Honey and Oat mask which took about twenty minutes. This included a brief head massage which I found to be very relaxing.

After this he left me under a steamer for 12-15 minutes during which I was given a neck and shoulder massage which again left me totally relaxed.  When my hair was washed for the second time he used Label.m Lab remedy for coIoured hair after which I could feel the ends which were once dry were now smooth to the touch. Additionally my hair smelled far better than my morning bowl of oats!

A few days later the softness still remained despite washing my hair at home. I was quite pleased that the product lived up to its recommendation. The conditioning formula turned my dry and brittle hair to soft and nourished with a smooth texture and shiny glossy overcoat. I was quite pleased as I had gone in with a head of hair that lacked a certain something but when I came out I had tresses which looked really well maintained. A follow up trip is on the cards for another conditioning treatment as I loved the results of the first one.


Address: Toni and Guy, 80A Ward Place, Colombo 7



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