Ice, Ice Baby!

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While this might have been a better article for the searingly hot month of April there's still no time like the present to cool off as celebs and facialists around the globe say ice cubes are a year-round skincare hero that can dramatically improve circulation in the skin for that healthy glow we all want. 

Kate Moss, one of the supermodels who swears by it, tried the ice facial after watching cult classic film Mommie Dearest, a biographical drama about Joan Crawford (played by Faye Dunaway) in which the actress started off the day with a beauty routine so intense it was hideously frightening, culminating in plunging her face into a sink full of ice to shrink her pores/please MGM Studio execs. 

"If I wake up looking tired and puffy, I fill a sink with ice and cucumber and submerge my face," - Kate Moss 

And it's not just Moss who's a fan of the "skin icing" technique, legions of women practically swear by it for its instant facial-like benefits. 

Apparently, ice cubes when wrapped in a thin cotton handkerchief and massaged across the skin can function as a natural makeup primer, and have the capability to take cheekbones to new heights especially when blended with green tea, caffeine, or milk can help increase blood circulation, minimize pores, and soothe inflammation for clear, radiant skin. You can also use them to banish those ghastly under the eye bags! 

If like me, you're sick of spending a small fortune on day creams, night creams, serums, that promise to do everything but end up doing nothing noticeable, then try icing your face. Be warned it's not for the faint of heart, but works beautifully, especially if you're on a budget! 

Be prepared for pain, it hurts like hell at first  but then you kind of get used to it especially if you keep thinking about gorgeous, glowing skin. The icy glow this shock treatment imparts works on the premise that dull skin is no match for the sheer shock  of ice. The ice works like a toner to improve skin tones and texture. My pores were less noticeable, they don't disappear after just one face icing so don't set your expectations too high, but they definitely shrink. Being a bit of night owl, I usually have those unsightly bags and dark circles under my eyes, and the ice treatment dramatically improved the appearance of my tired-looking under-eyes. 

"The age-old ice-cold trick can also enhance the hero products of your regimen. If you apply a serum to the skin and put ice on it afterwards, the capillaries restrict and it creates a pulling effect that helps ingredients penetrate deeper. For more sensitive skins, and souls, a slightly modified alternative to the face plunging technique: After filling a bowl up a third of the way with whole milk, which contains cell-regenerative Vitamin A and naturally exfoliating lactic acid, add ice cubes before drenching a face cloth in the bone-chilling blend. Hold it across the entire face for 15 seconds and repeat up to five times," explains celebrity facialist Ole Henriksen. "Or, tap into into the global beauty trend of face sculpting and work a frozen milk cube from the center of the chin along the jawline to the earlobe, then upward towards the highs of the cheekbones, under eye region, and across the forehead, he says. Repeat the massage for 5 minutes to get the firming, contouring effect." (Vogue Magazine)


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