Beauty Review: Radiance Renewal Facial Ritual by Spa Ceylon

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I have to begin by confessing that I am 
not a person who spent lots of time in salons during my youth. I don’t think  I had my first facial until the eve of my wedding. Also with time a factor I am loathed to spend an hour or more lying on a couch staring at the ceiling. However, when the chance to review Spa Ceylon’s Radiance Renewal Facial Ritual at their newly opened branch in Chatham Street came up I was not going to pass up on the offer.

Stepping into the premises I was enveloped by a medley of aromas and colourful products. After being ushered into a plush treatment room my therapist got me to fill out a questionnaire, examined my skin and suggested I opt for the Radiance Renewal Facial Ritual, a treatment that would last two hours. During that time she explained that she would cleanse, exfoliate and rejuvenate my skin. 

As I lay down in submission to her expert knowledge, I soon felt her applying a soothing balm to my forehead and temples. As calmness overcame me she used a variety of products which included White Rose Cleansing Cream and a White Mint Tonic to remove the dust and grime from my face. I loved the Jasmine Petal Pack (exfoliating pack) which was mixed with curd. The smell was divine and I had to exercise great restraint and not stick my tongue and have a lick of it. At this stage, my therapist exfoliated my face using some cutting-edge technology. It felt wonderful to feel these light quick brush strokes sweep gently across my face removing all the dead and dry skin effortlessly. After this, she deftly removed the numerous black and whiteheads which had taken residence on my face. A further application of aloe gel and another bout of technology led exfoliation and I could already feel my skin tingling. 

For the last lap of the facial, she applied a rice bran oil followed by a White Tuber Rose Masque Cream. Then the finale which was an application of a White Mineral Mask which was kept on for thirty minutes. During this time my hands, and feet were massaged. That was an unexpected bonus. The White Mineral Mask felt like a face cast and it helped improve the blood circulation, absorbed the nourishing ingredients of the mask, opened the pores and tightened the muscles. 

When I looked in the mirror I noticed that my skin’s appearance had improved. I  also realized that I had to start taking care of my skin and not only rely on soap and water and my parental genes!

For me, this felt like the Rolls Royce of facials and it was exactly what I’d want a facial to be, an effective one with real results which enables you to have the perfect blank canvas to start looking after your face properly again.



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