8 Amazing Beauty Hacks

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8 Beauty Hacks You Never Knew! 

With our busy schedules and lazy b*ms, we barely have the time to look like the next Kylie Jenner. But hey! I've compiled a list which would not only surprise you, but also make sure you look gorgeous and stunning! Psst and tricks to get that winged liner right. 

1. Bobby Pins 

Having silky or straight hair and finding trouble with your bobby pins? Instead of wearing it the usual way, try it out by flipping it over so the wavy side is against your head keeping it in place. Problem solved. 

2. Dry Nail Polish (ASAP) 

Having to head to work or that party and you just applied your nail polish? No worries, just grab a bowl and fill it with ice and water. Then soak your fingers after painting for a few minutes, the cold water will set your nail polish and your nails to dry faster! 

3. Eliminate Foundation Stains With Shaving Cream (Eh... What?) 

That's right! We all know how super annoying it is when you get foundation stains on your brand new white shirt and it's date night! So quick, grab your shaving cream and apply it to the affected area and run it through water. 

4. Spoons = Perfect Winged Liner 

Ladies! Do hurry to the kitchen and grab a spoon. Hold the handle of the spoon against the outer corner of your eye and draw a straight line then flip the spoon so the curved edge is hugging your eye to also create the perfect curve. Colour in and draw a line against your lash line to complete the look. 

5. Hashtags And Smokey Eyes 

Instagram and Twitter ain't the only place where hashtags come in handy. For the perfect smokey eye, draw a hashtag in the outer corner of your eyelid and smudge it to create dark, bold smokey eyes. 

6. Green Tea Bags For Sexy Eyes 

Now green tea isn't just for keeping in shape. You got those puffiness around your eyes? Then grab two cold green tea bags to de-puff and tighten your under-eye skin for 5 minutes. 

7. May Petroleum Jelly Keep Your Perfume (Longer) 

The petroleum jelly! And it's many uses that keeps a girl going. Well here's another hack, apply Vaseline on your pulse before spraying your perfume to keep the scent last longer. Especially since Vaseline is occlusive. 

8. Cake Stands And Perfumes (Wait What?) 

Cake stands are for cakes. Sure. But hey, want to have the perfect spot to keep all your lovely expensive perfume? Display it on a cake stand! Beautiful. 

By Zainab Faizal


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