Top Picks From Our Readers: Vegetarian Eateries

May 23 2024.

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As the most sacred day in the Buddhist calendar approaches, many people in Sri Lanka are embracing a vegetarian diet in the lead-up and abstaining from any animal protein on the day itself. This tradition underscores the importance of compassion and non-violence in Buddhism. Colombo boasts a variety of restaurants offering delicious vegetarian cuisine, catering to vegetarians. To help you find the best spots, we asked our readers to share their favourite restaurants in the city that offer a good variety for vegetarians. 

ARTIKA AURORA BAKSHI Seed and Grind have very good vegetarian options. 

ZANITA CAREEM Suriya is the best for vegetarian food. I love their chutney with poori.  

YUSRA AZIZ Amirtha near Bamba flats. Dine-in is clean. Food is good and if you takeaway you are guaranteed a steaming hot meal! Lemongrass is also good for veggie menus!  

DILRUKSHI NANAYAKKARA My husband and son like to eat vegetarian at Sri Vihar. Not a very expensive place, but the food is said to be very good. 

ASMA NOOREEN ALAVI IRSHAD Shanmugas down Ramakrishna road. 100% authentic vegetarian. Value for money. Widespread, so a variety of choices.  

MALIKA WIJERATNE Dolce Italia has the best Italian vegetarian & vegan menu! Super delicious and innovative, especially when you get bored with the traditional. 

CHRYSANTHA JAYASINGHE A lot of people who go to non-vegetarian restaurants order vegetable fried rice without realising that many use beef/chicken stock as seasoning. As far as I know, Golden Dragon at the Taj does not use animal stock in their fried rice.  


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