Rashmi Uday Singh Unveils Hospitality Hope - A Portal For Job Seekers

Feb 27 2024.

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Renowned food writer and critic Rashmi Uday Singh graced our shores recently at the special invitation of chef Darshan Munidasa to attend a private event. During her whistle-stop visit to Colombo, I had the privilege of meeting this dynamic lady who is a World Gourmand Cookbook Award-winning author of 40 food books and a TV host. Rashmi Uday Singh is also the author of India’s first city restaurant guide and the world’s first vegetarian guide to Paris.

Having studied journalism, English literature, law, management and gastronomy in Paris, Rashmi worked for the Indian Revenue Service and after 13 years she resigned as Commissioner of Tax.  Over lunch at the Shang Palace, Rashmi who is a vibrant personality and gracious host explained in detail her new project, Hospitality Hope. Keen to give more back to the industry she has been involved in for decades, Rashmi Uday Singh was bursting with pride as she unveiled her new project, Hospitality Hope.  

“This project that I founded is the world’s first global hospitality job portal, which is a pro bono initiative financed entirely by myself. This innovative platform offers a lifeline to hospitality professionals across the world in search of internships or employment opportunities” she explained. Battling personal health issues and being stuck at home during the pandemic, Rashmi said she realised that she had done it all from writing books to presenting TV shows and wanted to give back to the community. This birthed the idea for Hospitality Hope which she claims is her ‘passion project’.

“During the pandemic, I was posting job alerts on Instagram when people, restaurants and hotels asked me to do so. I did not charge anything, I never do. It seemed to be doing well because I got requests from restaurants in India and even New York. I had my open heart surgery in 2021, and this gave me plenty of time to think more about this idea. That’s how Hospitality Hope came to being” she explained.  

Despite the idea germinating, she was a bit sceptical and it was Italian restaurateur Massimo Bottura who told Rashmi to go ahead. Explaining how the portal www. hospitalityhope.com works Rashmi explained that the portal enables youngsters to get internships and others to get their dream jobs. It’s completely free and apart from posting the various job opportunities she is not involved in the selection or recruitment process. “Everyone can post their job or internship requirements and applications.  No fees, no subscriptions.”She adds.  In a world where job hunting can be costly and challenging, www.HospitalityHope. com aims to level the playing field by offering job seekers and employers a one-stop solution. The platform not only simplifies the job search process but also ensures that access to opportunities is equitable and without financial barriers.  

Addressing the concern that many in the Sri Lankan hospitality industry have mentioned about the exodus of staff to foreign countries and how this portal may encourage more migration, Singh says that personnel can move within the Sri Lankan hospitality industry from one job to another with better prospects or to something more suitable. She also said that personnel from overseas can use the portal to search for jobs within Sri Lanka and come to work here. However, her project which is funded completely by her savings is a worthy project which aims to provide opportunities to all those involved in the hospitality trade around the world. 


Tina Edward Gunawardhana

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