Paan Paan at Staple Street: A Haven for Bread and Coffee Enthusiasts

Aug 09 2023.

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Paan Paan has once more broadened its horizons with the opening of a new location on Staple Street, adding yet another milestone to its profile.  With this most recent addition, Paan Paan’s family of establishments now numbers a commendable six, a testament to its ongoing development and growth.

Staple Street’s strategic positioning is ideal for Paan Paan as it is well-placed to cater to the rising demand for delectable baked products and excellent coffee at rates that are still affordable to a wide range of customers. By placing its newest location here, Paan Paan makes a statement about its dedication to catering to the community’s diverse interests while creating an enticing bakery and coffee sanctuary.

Paan Paan’s journey to its current standing has been one of dedication and hard work, with a clear goal of establishing itself as a premier destination for bread enthusiasts. The inception of Paan Paan was rooted in a vision shared by its Founder, Aboobucker Yusoof. Lanka Premier Foods (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 2011 with the ambitious intent of supplying quality European bakery ingredients to the market. However, this approach faced challenges due to the high cost of ingredients and the difficulty of selling them to local bakeries. Leveraging their existing ingredient stocks and a trial bakery, the decision was made in 2012 to pivot towards producing bread for the market, giving birth to the brand name Paan Paan.

The journey commenced in a modest front room within their Lorenz Road office, where bread was sold. A decade later, the transformation is remarkable—Paan Paan has blossomed into a full-fledged bakery boasting six outlets and a dedicated call centre, effectively catering to customers with an array of bakery delights. Throughout this growth, the unwavering passion for bread remains at the core, evident through the practice of baking small batches throughout the day to ensure patrons enjoy the freshest products from their outlets.

Paan Paan’s Staple Street establishment’s two roomy floors have been thoughtfully designed to offer guests a warm sanctuary.

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