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The last time we visited Mongolian Street it was just offering takeaway. Dine-in facilities were barely sorted out. In just a few short months “Mongolian Street ‘’ has fully furnished their restaurant, made it into a cosy little cove that’s perfect for a quiet night out with friends or family and revamped their whole Mongolian experience. The dream project of its owner, Shevon Perera and his fiance Ronali Goonetileke, Mongolian Street is a dream come true for anyone that craves great Mongolian cuisine! Having enjoyed our last visit very much, our expectations were even higher this time to experience the food and the ambience of the restaurant. 

The interior design from the hanging lights, to the wood board floors and elegant seating, had certainly reached the epitome of designer chic. It’s the perfect place to take that special someone out to dinner and spend some romantic time cosied up together. They also have a special seating arrangement if a group of people, whether it be friends or family, decide to go for a relaxed night out filled with laughter and great conversation. The staff is super friendly and Shevon and his dad Rohan are maestros at making their customers feel welcome and happy during their whole stay. One of the reasons I would highly recommend dining in at Mongololian street is because of their exemplary customer service, which is very hard to come by!

Their signature drink was the Passion Punch (Rs. 290/-) which was what I opted for. Punch it did, as the sweet yet slightly sour tang hit me in the taste buds, cleansing my palate and re-energising me from a hard day of work. It tasted fresh, iced and was the perfect way to warm up my stomach for the meal to come.

Specialising in Asian Fusion Cuisine, Mongolian Street offers a variety of mouthwatering items ranging from Rice, Noodles, Chicken, Beef, Seafood and even veggie-based dishes. During my first visit, I was overwhelmed by the choices they offered. Having spent months gorging everything they had to offer I felt like an expert this time around. I opted for the Mixed Mongolian Rice (Rs. 690/), Thai Seafood Noodle (Rs. 690/-), Chefs Signature chillie beef (Rs. 1290/-) and the Hot butter cuttlefish (Rs. 1290/). 

Off the bat, I would recommend the Thai Seafood Noodle, and the Chillie Beef! If you ever go to Mongolian street just order these two first and then go for everything else. Fettuccine pasta noodles stir-fried with an abundance of cuttlefish and prawns made up the delicious Seafood noodle!  Placing this dish in front of me was like placing a pound of meat in front of a ravenous lion. The dish was gone in the blink of an eye. I didn’t even stop to make notes. There was always a piece of cuttlefish or prawn in every delightful bite and this consistency is what I appreciate in all their dishes!  The noodle itself was cooked to perfection, oozing with spices, wasn’t too dry and had a strong savoury flavour that I could have just eaten without any meat and still enjoyed it! This was a truly fabulous dish and would be number one on my list of recommendations. 

The Chillie Fried Beef was equally good. The beef was juicy and very well seasoned. It wasn’t too tender and had enough substance for me to chew on and really relish that meaty flavour that engulfed my taste buds. Having tasted these two dishes I was on Cloud 9! Even as I’m sitting here writing about it my mouth is already craving for more! 

The Mixed Mongolian was another winner. Spicy Mongolian rice with a ton of veggies, bursting with chicken and prawns was what made up this dish. Rice is anyway a pretty heavy dish so it filled me up in a matter of seconds (it could also have been because I kept gobbling it up like there was no tomorrow). It was at this point that the Hot Butter Cuttlefish was laid before me. With an outer crisp, tender middle and an arousing level of spice, this HBC was the ambrosia of the gods!

I have to say that the portion sizes are massive. It takes a superhuman eater (like moi) to actually get through four dishes. And even I couldn’t finish it all! 

Think of the best CBP you’ve ever had. Multiply that flavour by 10. It still wouldn’t do justice to Ronali’s mind-bogglingly delicious Plain Jane CBP (Rs.390/-). To be honest by the time this came out I was stuffed. No room to fit a chickpea inside my stomach. 

Have you ever heard of “Andare’s” age-old folklore where there’s a tiny room packed with people, without space to stick a finger, but the moment the King is asked to step in, the people squeeze around and make enough space? Well, the Plain Jane was king, and my stomach HAD to make space. 

First off, “Plain” Jane does not do this CBP justice. “The Velvety, creamy, chocolaty fantabulously delightful Queen Jane” is more of an apt name. If I could only eat one dessert every day for the rest of my life, I would choose this in a heartbeat! The taste cannot be explained. It has to be experienced. It also happens to be their fastest seller, so call right now and pre-book one for yourself. You can thank me later!

I have nothing to complain about at Mongolian Street. As I sit here writing this, feeling content, happy and stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey, all I can think about is when am I going to go there again! Try it out yourselves and let us know how it goes!

Available on : Pick me / Uber / Eat me Global
Chitra Ln, Colombo 5
Favourite Dishes (MUST TRY) - 
Thai Seafood Noodle / Plain Jane CBP 



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