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May 09 2024.

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Agatha Christie’s timeless murder mystery which will have the audience at the edge of their seats ‘And Then There Were None’ hits the Wendt this 10,11,12 May directed by Kevin Cruze of Cold Theatre 7 with an original music score composed by Hirushan Maddumaarachchi. We catch up with the cast of And Then There Were None to see what’s in store at a theatre production that’s not to be missed! 


  1. Describe your character.
  2. What’s been challenging about playing them?
  3. What’s your favourite Agatha Christie mystery of all time?
  4. Your favourite line by your character?


Abbasali Rozais as Justice Sir Lawrence Wargrave 

Abbasali Rozais has over 22 years of experience in theatre, with 200+ performances across 60+ productions. He has written two full-length plays and numerous short plays and has successfully produced five of his own productions. He credits Indu Dharmasena as his guru in theatre.  

Q1: I’m a retired judge and rather a severe and dignified character. I have an impeccable reputation and am well-known, all over England.  

Q2: Every role has its challenges. This has too. But I like to get in the flow and go with it and that’s what I have done here as well. Kind of become the character for those few hours on stage and live it.

Q3: I really don’t know because I haven’t really ever read any. In fact, thanks to Kevin I know of a few. On that note, thanks to Kevin for reinvigorating my interest in her work.

Q4: “In my experience of ill-doing, providence leaves the work of conviction and chastisement to us mortals, and the path is often fraught with difficulties. There are no shortcuts!”.


Tharusha Kumarasinghe as Thomas Rogers

Tharusha started theatre in 2011 and has since worked with directors the likes of  Delon Weerasinghe, Sulochana Dissanayake, Ashini Fernando, Jerome De Silva, Marissa Jansz, Jehan Aloysius, Nishantha De Silva, Feroze Kamardeen, Kevin Cruz and more. He is mostly known for playing the iconic character of Cyril Nitharamasuffering in the Arsikland franchise. He is set to release his first feature film in early 2025.

Q1: Thomas Rogers is an extremely optimistic and vivacious character. He is the manservant in charge of guest welfare and maintenance inside the mansion at Soldier Island.  However, as the dark plot of the play unravels gradually we see another side to Rogers.

Q2: Playing a character who goes through a very deep personal loss amidst having to perform his duties nonetheless was a good challenge.  However, the guidance rendered by Kevin and the team has made the journey easy and exciting.

Q3: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.

Q4: “There was a storm, the night she died…”


Amesh De Silva as Blore

Amesh has been in theatre since 2007 in a number of productions working with multiple directors on many projects and was offered a scholarship to the Shakespeare Academy in Stratford, which he regretfully declined.  Additionally, he has directed and co-directed St. Joseph’s College in the Inter-School Shakespeare Drama Competition, reaching the finals twice.

Q1: In the interest of the plot, I will not reveal much. All I can say is that he is eager and tries hard to accomplish the task at hand to cover up his mistakes from the past, anxious and quick to change his mind.

Q2: Sustaining the energy throughout the play, trying to achieve multiple objectives in each of the different scenes, and building relationships with other characters.

Q3: I would say “The Mousetrap” solely because it was my first-ever murder mystery, I was a part of.

Q4: “It’s all very well to make accusations.”


Milinda Randeniya as Anthony Marston

Milinda’s journey in theatre began at the age of 14, starting with school productions and gradually transitioning to public performances. He has honed his skills over the years, learning from various experiences and mentors along the way.

Q1: Anthony Marston is a fascinating character known for his reckless and carefree attitude. He’s wealthy, charming, and often acts impulsively without considering the consequences. Marston embodies the epitome of privilege and entitlement, making him both intriguing and somewhat detestable to audiences.

Q2: Portraying Anthony Marston has been a thrilling challenge, particularly in capturing his complex personality. Balancing his charming facade with the darker aspects of his character requires a nuanced approach. Additionally, delving into Marston’s lack of regard for others and his cavalier attitude towards life has been emotionally taxing at times.

Q3: While all of Agatha Christie’s mysteries are masterfully crafted, “And Then There Were None” holds a special place in my heart. Its intricate plot, suspenseful atmosphere, and clever twists make it a timeless classic that never fails to captivate audiences.

Q4: “But it seems damn silly I’ve got an empty car.” This line, delivered with Anthony Marston’s characteristic nonchalance, encapsulates the intrigue and suspense of “And Then There Were None,” leaving audiences eager to unravel the mysteries of the play.


Wasaam Ismail as Philip Lombard

Wasaam embarked on his thespian journey at St. Peter’s College, winning the prestigious All-Island Best Actor’s Award at the Inter-School Shakespeare Drama Competition. Since then, Wasaam has collaborated with numerous distinguished directors in Sri Lanka, showcasing his versatility in lead roles across a diverse range of plays including “Widows,”  “The Mousetrap,” “Opposite Sex,” “The Merchant of Venice,” “Samurai,” and “The Wiz,” among others. He was also one of the leads of the BBC radio play “The Last Time I Saw Richard”.

Q1: Philip Lombard is a pivotal character in Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None.” Described as a resourceful and confident adventurer, Lombard is introduced as a former mercenary who exhibits a charming yet enigmatic persona. He possesses a keen sense of survival and often appears calm and collected, even in tense situations. Lombard’s ambiguous past and his mysterious demeanour make him an intriguing and unpredictable character throughout the play. Additionally, he is known for his sarcastic wit and has a tendency to rattle people with his sharp remarks, adding an element of tension and unpredictability to his interactions with the other guests on the island. These qualities contribute to the suspenseful atmosphere and the complexity of Lombard’s character in the story.

Q2: Playing Philip Lombard presents several challenges. Firstly, there’s the intricate web of cues to manage, requiring constant focus and quick responses to maintain the rhythm of interactions. Lombard’s character arc adds another layer of complexity, as he transitions from being attractive and charming to Vera, the female lead, to moments of annoyance and sarcasm. Simultaneously, he must display shock at the murders unfolding around him while concealing any nervousness. Portraying Lombard’s experience of feeling betrayed also demands a nuanced performance to capture the emotional depth effectively. Balancing these contrasting traits and emotions within Lombard’s character requires skill and attention to detail, making the role both challenging and rewarding

Q3: And Then There Were None

Q4: “Everything in this Island is odd”


Catch the murder, mystery and mayhem on the 10,11 and 12 May 2024 at the Lionel Wendt Theatre, 7.30 pm onwards. Tickets are available for purchase by contacting CT7 via WhatsApp at +94 77 757 8348. For further updates and more information, follow COLD Theatre 7 on Facebook and Instagram or visit www. This amateur production of “And Then There Were None” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd on behalf of Samuel French  Ltd (www.


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