Kuuraku Colombo 7th Anniversary Fair

Aug 10 2023.

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Kuuraku Colombo to host its 7th Anniversary Thank You Fair from August 14- 20.

Kuuraku Colombo, one of Colombo’s leading Japanese cuisine establishments, is gearing up to commemorate its 7th Anniversary with a captivating week-long event. This celebration will feature a series of engaging challenges designed for patrons, promising enticing rewards for participants!

If you happen to visit during lunchtime, make sure not to miss out on the thrilling Chopsticks game. The objective is simple: seize 5 beans using chopsticks within a 10-second window and secure a fabulous prize! Remember, this game is open for a single attempt per group, so showcase your chopstick skills to claim your victory.

As the evening sets in, get ready for the enjoyable Chin Chiro Rin Challenge. During dinner hours, you can engage in this challenge where you match 2 dice for a chance to win rewards corresponding to the dice numbers. For instance, if both dice display the number 1, you'll be awarded yakitori in a quantity matching your age. Other alluring prizes encompass half gyoza passes, a serving of regular Japanese Curry Rice, Yakitori Don, Assorted Sushi, and the delectable Kuuraku Cheesecake. The vouchers you earn through these challenges can be conveniently redeemed during your subsequent visit.

But that's not all – an additional opportunity awaits you! Participate in the Yakuta Photo Contest by following @kuuraku_colombo on Instagram and tagging them in snapshots of yourself adorned in a Yakuta.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror Life, Director Athulla Edirisinghe of Kuuraku expressed his gratitude on the occasion of the anniversary, extending his heartfelt thanks to both the dedicated staff and loyal customers. He also took a moment to acknowledge the instrumental role played by Kuuraku Franchise Japan and the parent organisation in India, adding that their unwavering commitment to customer service training, continuous improvement of knowledge, and consistent support have been invaluable.

Edirisinghe warmly invites all patrons to seize this opportunity and join in the festivities. He encourages everyone to partake in the challenges, relish the experience, and make the most of this celebratory time.

During my meeting with Edirisinghe at Kuuraku, I also had the opportunity to sample some of their popular dishes. Starting with Kaisen Okonimiyaki, a delectable seafood delight that combines the rich flavours of the ocean with the traditional Japanese pancake. The Sashimi Platter comprised an exquisite assortment of raw fish, showcasing the freshest catch was a delight as always. I also sampled the ever-popular California Roll, a beloved sushi classic, and was impressed with its fusion of flavours and textures, offering a taste of Japan with a Western twist.

A delectable combination of Beef and Chicken Yakitori showcased an array of flavors, including Wasabi Chicken, Salted Chicken, Chicken with Garlic Sauce, Chicken with Spicy Mayo, Beef with Garlic Sauce, and Beef with Spicy Mayo. Each skewer presented a unique burst of taste, and the meat was flavourful and succulent. The Chicken Gyoza, savoury dumplings were good. I also loved the Ebi Prawn Udon Noodle, which featured Udon noodles crafted freshly at Kuuraku, accompanied by batter-fried prawns, creating a hearty bowl of delicious goodness. As I enjoyed these culinary delights, it became evident that Kuuraku's dedication to crafting authentic Japanese flavours shines through in every dish.

Embrace this opportunity to not only partake in the exciting challenges but also savour the exquisite offerings of Kuuraku's menu. Whether you're a seasoned fan of Japanese cuisine or a newcomer eager to explore, Kuuraku promises an unforgettable experience that blends culinary creativity with festive fun.

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