Kavita Thulasidas showcases at Paris Fashion Week

Oct 16 2023.

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Singaporean fashion designer Kavita Thulasidas who also has a presence at One Galle Face in addition to her loyal clientele had the distinction of showcasing her collection at Paris Fashion Week. Kavita took with her to Paris Fashion Week, an extension of Heritage Reinterpreted, her winning collection from the Singapore Stories competition. This award-winning designer has been in the fashion industry for over thirty years and her eponymous label, Kavita Thulasidas by Stylemart is well known in Singapore.

In 2018 Kavita’s friend Anita Dorai invited her to present her collection in Sri Lanka at “Threads of Time” a fashion show she organised. “This collection was well received and it was an incredible success,” Kavita says. Further successful forays into the island’s fashion landscape proved that setting up a store in Sri Lanka would be a wise move and that is exactly what Kavita did by opening her shop at One Galle Face.

Speaking about how the opportunity to showcase at Paris Fashion Week came about, Kavita explains “I was the winner of Singapore Stories, which was a national-level fashion design competition conferred by the Singapore Fashion Council in collaboration with the Asian Civilization Museum. This lead to me being invited to showcase at Paris Fashion Week.” For a brand getting such global recognition from one of the world’s fashion capitals is certainly a feather in her cap. “Getting an opportunity to showcase during Paris Fashion Week is an international endorsement to any designer and even more privileged when the place is earned with merit as an award” she adds. Kavita goes on to say that her collection was well received.

“Many expressed interest in the brand. We received lots of media coverage from the international magazines and media present at the show including Chanel News Asia which did a feature story on me. This was my debut at Paris Fashion Week and the show was a collective show. I was one among 4 international brands. My capsule collection of 10 pieces opened the show and I impressed both the organizers and the audience, I was told the collection was absolutely international standards” she explained. Describing her collection Kavita further added “

The 10-look couture capsule is an ode to regional culture and craftsmanship, aesthetically blending the rich tapestry of Asia with a modern interpretation of my Singaporean identity. With intricate hand-embroidery as my chosen medium to deck the canvas of contemporary Asian silhouettes, this collection is a tribute to the true but unsung champions of the fashion industry – the artisans – and their exceptional finesses in creating striking visual stories”. The collection itself highlights the sophistication of the designer in terms of her choice of silhouettes and fabric. Being selected to open the show speaks volumes about Kavita’s collection and kudos to her on this worthy achievement.

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