Contempo Presents “Joyful Hope”

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The Russian Cultural Center will be coming alive with the Spirit of Christmas on the 9th of December as “Contempo” the past pupils choir of St. Bridget's Convent will be taking the stage to provide Colombo with an evening of Choral Christmas Music. 

Themed “Joyful Hope” this one of a kind performance will feature a repertoire of songs with their genres ranging from Gospel to Jazz to Pop. The concert will also be featuring a guest performance by the Old Joe’s Choir.  

The Contempo choir is an all-female vocal ensemble with a passion for music and singing that has gained prominence in the Sri Lankan music circles. The choir has, over the years  specialized in a diverse genre of music under the guidance of many experienced choral directors. From hosting their own public performances like Viva La Diva (2012), Reel Music (2015) and Forever in song (2018) they also took it a step further this year by hosting their first ever Classical Concert, showing audiences how talented they truly are.  

They have also performed at various public and corporate events, weddings, and has been part of the Symphony Orchestra Christmas Concerts in the years 2009, 2013 and 2016. The choir has also joined the Symphony Orchestra for various concerts such as  ' A Night at the Opera - 2014' and ' St. John's Passion' conducted by Gregory Rose.

They also participated in the ‘Asia Pacific Choir Games 2017’ under the training of its
current choral director Harin Amirthanathan, entering two categories, Gospel/Spiritual
and Chamber Choirs. In the first category, the choir won two gold medals in the first two
levels of the competition and qualified on-site to the ‘Grand Prix’, the highest level in the
competition. In the second category too, the choir won a gold and silver bringing the total to four golds and a silver at APCG.

 “The great thing about Contempo is that we get to enjoy all the fun things about choir
while not having to worry about the pressures of school life. For all of us it’s a way of
reconnecting and music has an amazing way of doing that, no matter what batch you
were in” says Dilini Perera-Fox who is a member of the choir and an exceptionally skilled musician herself. 
Being the first time that Contempo is doing a Christmas Performance of this caliber a  member of the choir Saranie Wijesinghe said that they are very excited to present Joyful Hope!. “It’s the first time that Contempo has done a full blown Christmas performance and it’s definitely been a
fun challenge.” 

The choir aims to help those in need with the proceeds of the concert being distributed to The Soup Bowl Centre, a charity which provides a wholesome lunch every Friday for more than 160 underprivileged persons. In addition, proceeds will also support Marc Sri Sarana Sewa, a home for disabled orphans and the destitute. Contempo, as a choir, wishes to spread positivity and goodwill through song during this festive season and in doing so, aspires to give a grain of hope to those in need.    

Shenaalie Dias, who is also a part of the Choir elaborated saying “It’s been a hectic season but this is definitely a highlight and milestone for us. Even more so because it is for two fantastic causes that we believe embodies the spirit of giving this season.”

Aside from supporting a worthy cause It will also most definitely prep you for the Yuletide celebrations so make sure to grab your tickets fast. Priced at just Rs. 1200/- tickets are available at the Russian Cultural center or you can also reserve your tickets by calling Shannon on 0776722773


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