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Sep 25 2023.

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It is not often one comes across someone who is young and blessed with a social consciousness. 15-year-old Rushenka Devanthi Attygalle is a student of Bishop's College and a gifted artist. In an era where many youngsters are absorbed in their social lives or studies, it is refreshing to see someone like Rushenka sparing time to use her talents to empower those less fortunate.

Q WHEN DID YOU START PAINTING? I started painting at the age of three with “The Secret Garden” and Aunty Priscilla and I have participated in several exhibitions since then.

Q HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE OF PAINTING? I experiment with styles such as Photorealism, Pointillism, and Impasto on both landscape and portrait paintings with the medium Acrylic paint.

Q WHAT IS IT ABOUT PAINTING THAT YOU ENJOY MOST? I mostly enjoy the relaxation it brings me and how amazing the final painting turns out which encourages me to explore new techniques and styles of painting.


Q YOU ARE PUTTING YOUR ARTISTIC TALENTS TO GOOD USE. CAN YOU TELL US WHAT PROJECTS YOU ARE FUNDRAISING FOR? I have been fundraising to support two orphanages for my birthday. y Jayanthi Home with approximately 20 children aged one to five years y Sri Jinananda Children’s Home with approximately 60 boys aged five to eighteen. However, this year I will also be purchasing essential medicines for the Lady Ridgeway Hospital as well.

Q WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO DO THIS PROJECT? I was motivated watching my Art teacher, Aunty Priscilla helping the less privileged through her many charitable projects and felt it would be nice if I could use my skills also to help less fortunate children.

Q WHAT IS YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL IN TERMS OF FUNDRAISING? Apart from selling paintings, I would also like to use my baking and craftwork skills (Making Greeting Cards) to raise funds for these projects and set up a charity to encourage other young people with similar interests to join.

Q WHERE CAN PEOPLE SEE YOUR WORK AND HOW DO THEY PURCHASE IT? I have currently sold all my paintings; with my school work, I guess it’ll take a little while for me to build up my collection. I will be updating my Instagram page with the paintings where anyone can follow me and contact my parents with what they would like to have.

Q WHAT OTHER PROJECTS DO YOU HAVE PLANNED? While continuing my current projects, I would like to raise enough funds to purchase essential medical equipment that is needed at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital. I would also like to set up a charity for other young people with similar interests to join up and do more projects in the rural areas.

Instagram : rushi_s_art (for paintings)



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