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Nimasha Deshapriya is a person who leads a simple lifestyle, by spending most of her spare time with family and friends. 


Questioning about her collection, the inspiration was derived from geometric shapes and flower appliques connected to the art movement “cubism”, with a named theme “Geocubi Appliques”.


What is it to be meant by Geocubi Appliques?

It is a combination of geometric shapes with selected art movement to create a unique and mesmerising look upon the garment. 

College life and academics

According to Nimasha her college life & academics was one of the amazing and cherishing moments in her life, which was a completely different circulation from school life because college paved her the pathway in order to learn what she wanted in her own style.

She has also participated in few competitions such as Beach Carnival-Sand Sculpture Competition (2015), Mother and Daughter Group Competition (Menswear Category) and Edex Fashion Show (2018). When speaking about her college academics, I also got to know that the interacting lecturers and co-colleagues were very helpful when it comes to sections like drafting, draping and sewing a garment. Nimasha’s college learning experience was a wonderful thought because she had to work in hand with models, photographers, and make-ups to do a complete fashion photo-shoot to gain the maximum knowledge in understanding the area thoroughly. 


Fashion Experiences

1) What was the first step to start your career in fashion industry?

The keen interest behind the entire subject was the first step stone for me to get into fashion, and also the changing of the fast trends made me start the career in fashion industry.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

- Albert Schweitzer

2) About your portfolio?

The portfolio was developed step-by-step through self-studying with a reason for the development, to do the fashion sketching, understanding the modules, improving my fashion sketching to do it digitally are the main success in developing a well-built portfolio.


3) What is your interest in fashion?

The key interests according to me in fashion is to have good eyes and sense about the current trends, refreshing and creative ideas to make a person beautiful by knowing what will be suitable according to one’s style showing it through innovation.


4) The designs produced by you are no doubt good enough, apart who and which things were your inspiration while creating the designs?

The inspired artist was Kazimir Malevich and his popular artworks such as Suprematist Composition and Dynamic Suprematism with chosen colors of yellow, Green, Pink, Black, Orange and a self-made print on fabric were the inspirations to bring out the best outcome in the constructed garment. 

5) Designer Tip

Designing is a very interesting field, if you have a creative mind you can do designing. Designing is not only based on theory it has its own practical side too. 

Text- Harthika Ganeshan


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