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With the advancement of technology, the entire world wants to be connected all the time. Times of complete relaxation, enjoying a family vacation lolling around chatting, playing a game of cards or some board games are in the past. It seems that the majority want to be in communication with the entire world either on the Internet or on social media rather than enjoy another's company.

You can plan to be holidaying in a resort in the most remote area in the world and yet the first thing requested on arrival is the Wi-Fi password. They get into a frenzy if there is a slight delay in providing the same, seemingly that their heartbeat depended on the Wi-Fi password being available on arrival. Thereafter, if there is no Wi-Fi available in some areas of the resort they run around looking for a connection and spend lots of time connecting with the world. It seems that even being at the most exotic destination, or with the most sensual partner,  anywhere in the world, or even holidaying with celebrities, people have an extraordinary need to connect on to Wi-Fi and start communicating. 

When chatting with Polly, a friend almost 30 years my junior, about the forms of communications I grew up with, such as telexes, telegrams, faxes, trunk calls and even the good old fashioned standard telephone, it felt like I was relating historic stories of ancient Greece to her. Trying to explain the functions of these not such old communication systems and trying to make her understand their value and great uses in that time were lost on her. When checking with Polly though about some application of an iPhone, in a flash Polly grabbed my phone and touched a few buttons and like magic it was all done for me. 

Strange is the world where people do not actually engage with each other physically but rather do it using all modern technology. Privacy of one's life is no more; everything is in the open and that mystery of life, fun and people are no more. Whether it is for the greater good or not is arguable. As for me, I prefer it the old fashioned way.


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