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Feb 23 2017. view 107


Oh! Colombo 

Social media seems to be a disease infecting the whole world and nobody seems to want to enjoy the moment but instead prefer to be taking pictures or videoing the moment in order to share with the world what they are doing. Certain items on social media are informative and social media has probably taken over from newspaper advertising when one gathers all of what is happening around you once you get on to Facebook, the Internet or some other forms of social media. 

It is certainly annoying when one goes to a concert and all one sees is people are trying to capture all the action on stage without enjoying the moment of whatever they are watching. Here, people pay substantial amounts of money to watch the performance and all they see are raised hands filming the goings on. The strange thing is that when filming equipment is prohibited the entire audience is content to watch the performance and enjoy every moment of it and appreciate the goings on without having some person wanting to film it. 

Social media has become an obsession for so many people that it is probably taking over their lives.  As all they seem to want to do is post pictures of anything and everything. It certainly has allowed people their two minutes of fame and a great platform for all the wannabes to brag from. One would have expected this form of exhibition to be limited to the so called non-intellectuals but it does not seem to be the case when you see the number of supposed intellects bragging of their goings on on social media. 

Informative as all of this is, at times it could be a source of annoyance. The great thing about all this is that there is a delete button that could be thumped upon and, abracadabra, one is rid of that person and the person’s goings on.  Would not it be wonderful if this could be applied in real life too


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