Family Feuds and Greed

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Oh! Colombo 

Family feuds are quite common all over the world.  In our city family feuds cause quite a hullabaloo and what is not surprising is that it is among the wealthier lot in the city who constantly seem to quarrel about money and property. Greed is the cause for most such disagreements. 

Offspring await longingly to inherit a successful family owned business that churns huge profits.  If the offspring is a single then there is no problem. However, if the offspring number two or more it is does not take long for the fireworks to begin. The ambitious other half of the offspring also contribute to the dispute instigating the spouse implying that it is his or hard work that got the business to where it is etc., and the quarrels take off. After much hostility an amicable arrangement is arrived at where the business is divided between or among the family members. Then begins the fierce and, at times, unethical competition to run a successful and profit making business. 

Dividing accumulated wealth equally among offspring is what is expected from parents though, in some instances, the parents are manipulated so that some benefit one or some benefit more than other. This is especially when it comes to the division of jewellery and cash. The result is a broken family with many psychological issues. 

There are also instances where the parents play one child against the other, dangling their inheritance as bait. Whether they enjoy watching the outcome of such manoeuvres is questionable. 

Family issues of such a nature are quite common, whilst others relish gossiping about them creating much interest amongst the city populace. 

The less fortunate do not have such issues and can be seen enjoying and sharing what they have and actually being loving to each other genuinely since there are no strings attached and nothing to gain other than for their genuine love and caring for each other. 

Money is the root of all evil rings true when such family feuds are observed amongst us living in this city.  And it seems that this greed and wanting is increasing exponentially and spreading like wildfire around us.


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