Craziest Things we Believed as Children

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Once upon a time, we were all gullible little tykes who believed the most ludicrous things, because, that moon was DEFINITELY following us, amirite? As we tried to make sense of the crazy world we lived in, our brains (sometimes with the help of an adult) concocted the craziest reasonings. To be fair, we were young and stupid (or maybe just super smart?). Either way, we asked folks what the craziest things they believed as children were, and they did not disappoint!

Sulari Goonetilleke 

If I swallow big seeds a giant tree will sprout from my belly button but if the seeds are small it should be fine

Ruwani Alwishewa 

Parents telling that if the car was driven with the inside light on (ceiling light or rear view mirror light now) the cops would stop and fine us. I believed it until very recently when I found out it was all a lie!

Damith Perera

I thought the world was black and white until more recently when color miraculously happened. I remember asking my grandparents how the experience was like seeing color for the first time after having lived in a black and white world for so long.

Johnson De Lahiru 

That my mom won't beat me if she can't find the cane. #thebroomhurtmore

Cat Douglas 

That the black and white cows just produce milk all the time. (Not that they have to be pregnant and have a baby). I just thought they made milk.

Ammynath Sam 

That the people in black and white movies were black and white in real life too

Kasun Munipura 

That when you plant a dead battery under soil it'll grow and give you live batteries

Rizman Amit 

I believed to be in television..u have to literally get inside of it through the screen!

Tina Edward Gunawardhana 

The jak tree in my garden was the magic faraway tree.

Menaka Indrakumar 

That if u ate fried stuff and go out after 6 pm the black prince will curse u forever.

Nadeesha Widanapathirana 

When we take out little tooth and puts it under the pillow when we goes to bed the Tooth Fairy will come in the night and take it away, and in its place will leave some little gift.

Yamini Sinnen 

That the squirrel was in charge of giving me new teeth when I lost my milk teeth

Kokila Abel 

That, when your milk teeth fell the squirrel, ️ would take it and bring me a new tooth in its place

Kamanthi Wickramasinghe 

That when a girl and a boy kiss they get pregnant When people are killed in movies that they are killed for life and was confused how they were there in another movie

Kaveesha Fernando 

That when a man and woman 'talk' and decide to have a baby, the woman gets pregnant. Asked my aunt if her dog (female) needed to have a discussion with a male dog.

Treshan Weerasooriya Pereira 

Those birds that carry babies in cartoons when two people get married. I thought that's how you have babies! At 13 I learnt otherwise.

Christina Francké 

I used to think that babies came out of the mums belly button.

Yasisurie Kiribandara 

That if you swallowed a seed you will grow a tree inside of you.

Anjalie Karunathilake 

That babies were bought in shops. So much so I had a fight with my mother & I told her to return me to the shop. She told she will as long as I found the box I came in, unfortunately I couldn't find it.

Naomi Athuraliya 

I thought that my class teacher lived in school cause they were always there when we came to school

Kaveesha Fernando 

That if you draw a picture of ice cream and put it in the fridge it becomes real ice cream. And that this applied to all other food as well. I watched a fridge commercial where they put a drawing of fish inside the fridge and it turned into a real fish.

Carolle Rodrigo Perera 

That a tree grows from inside the stomach and comes out of the mouth if I ever swallowed a watermelon seed

Nirushi Palihawadana 

That green peas were baby frogs and that curd ('mee' kiri) came from mice

Dush Ratnayake 

That if I ate only chicken gravy and rice for every meal the skin would melt off my face. ( don't ask. I blame my mother.)

Naushad Ninzer 

Not me but my cousin believed writing with a pen on your hand or body. The ink will kill her and it was poisonous lol I used to chase her around the house with a carbon pen.

Ashan Rathnawardhana 

Haha So many I can't even remember most now.
- When adults tell each other they have changed so much, I thought people/ kids go in to a special elevator kind of thing and when they come out they are changed/ grown up.
- Babies were born out of the mother's butt because I couldn't comprehend how such a big thing could come out of a vagina. Imagine the shock once I learnt the truth


Nishani Reckerman 

That the stork brings babies ... and that if I don’t sit straight on the toilet and even a little bit let my butt hang, I’ll fall in and the toilet will magically flush me, taking me through pipes and dumping me in a pile of poopy sea water. Wild imagination - I know.

Dinushan Liyanage

I thought that chocolate milk came from brown cows, vanilla milk came from white cows and strawberry milk was just milk from a white cow, but with the strawberry flavour!

Thilini De Silva

I used to think that tree branches were really snakes in disguise.

Dinika Godakumbura

I thought that the world maps we used in school was just one side of the world and I asked my sister where the other side of the globe was.

Kalani Kumarasinghe

That my mom took a daily trip to the moon. My brother made me believe this as a 6 year old.

Augusta Emilini

I truly thought that the sheep bleed when they are shaven . Always thought it's a cruel act and imagined the "three bags full" ,with wool drenched with blood...


Kushan de Silva

Some of the stuff that messed with me as a kid :

There were Crocodiles in the deep end of the pool. Chocolate Milk Came from Chocolate coloured cows. Actors killed in movies Died in real life. If you pulled your blanket over you, then nothing could see or get you. Oil refineries were cloud making Factories


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