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With the joyous season of Christmas rapidly approaching the “Silent Hands” theatre group will stage “Sorry Wrong Chimney” on the 29th and 30th of November from 7.30 pm onwards at the Lionel Wendt Art Centre. Directed by Jehan Bastians and Neidra Williams it is definitely one to watch. 
Silent Hands, known for pulling off some great plays commenced in 2002 as a backstage group, led by Jehan and Neidra which “silently” helped people behind the scenes. Eventually the group staged “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare and the rest is history. Today Silent Hands productions can be regarded as an extremely prominent theatre group in the country. This theatre group has produced a variety of talented and renowned actors and actresses.
Also, Silent Hands produced three large scale productions with St. Peter’s College, the latest being “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat” in 2017.
The drama “Sorry Wrong Chimney” is nothing less than a comedy of errors. The story is based during the Christmas season in the 1980s in America. The story brings about various emotions; confusion, love, greed, suspicion etc… and is guaranteed to entice the audience. Bringing to light the hardships and struggles faced by people, the helpful nature of people and the misinterpretation and miscommunication of ideas this play reflects on life as a whole. With a small yet mature cast of seven, Jehan and Neidra aim to keep things simple and bring the message of Christmas to all those present through this hilarious story. 
Leading into December there is no better way to enter the month of Christmas than a high-spirited comedy which will definitely leave the audience rolling in laughter. It’s that time of the year again, to leave all problems aside and enjoy with friends and family. Tickets for “Sorry Wrong Chimney” will be available at the Lionel Wendt Art Centre. Grab yours soon! Don’t miss out! 
Jehan Bastians (Director) 
How did you get involved in theatre? – Well, I started off with Shakespeare in 1992 in St. Peter’s College when we staged a small piece from Othello and in 1993 I took part in my first public production for the Workshop Players, ‘Lost in the stars’ as the lead role. After school I worked with Jith, Indu and Feroze Kamardeen. Neidra and I started directing St. Peter’s together in 1999 and did a total of three full productions to date. 
What is your role in this drama?- I play “William Weldon” a middle aged psychiatrist who is fairly well to do and is a bit jaded about life as it is not very exciting. It’s a pretty decent role and I get to be myself. 
What message can be given to the audience?- This cast is a very hard working cast and I enjoyed working with them. To the audience, I think they had their fair share of political goings on so here is something that is not political. This will definitely put everyone in a good mood for Christmas. We wish to see you all there.  
Neidra Williams (Director)
How did you get involved in theatre?- Obviously I started off in school. Methodist College always had a very vibrant and rich history in theatre. So it was basically productions, interhouse drama to what not. 
What is your role in this drama?- My role in this comedy is “Natalie Weldon” who is Williams’ wife. She is your typical nosy aunty next door who is very concerned about the main couple in the story. It is a reasonable two dimensional character and very exciting. 
What message can be given to the audience?- It’s a fun, usual and family-oriented comedy and a lovely way to step into Christmas. So come, enjoy and step into the Christmas celebrations in a joyous way. 
Julian Anderson
How did you get involved in theatre?-  I started with the Workshop Players when they staged “Les Miserables” and since then acting has been nonstop. This is the fourth time I’ll be working with Silent Hands. 
What is your role in this drama?- So “David Tuttle” is a young, hardworking executive who is still finding his way in the corporate world. He is recently married and finds it hard to buy his wife Mrs. Tuttle a gift for Christmas. It is a pretty ordinary role and the story circles around this gift. 
What message can you give the audience?- Whatever we stage is for the audience so we ask you to come in numbers and show us your support in this merry season of Christmas. Hope everyone enjoys the show! 
Chantal Dassanayake
How did you get involved in theatre?- I started acting in school here and there but I properly started after school and did a few shows. This is my first time with Silent Hands and it’s been absolutely amazing so far. 
What is your role in this drama?- My role is “Samantha Tuttle”, David’s wife. It’s been six months since they have been married and since he’s been working a lot and is rarely at home, suspicion grows. There is a lot of confusion and mistaken identity but all in all a lot of humour. 
What message can you give the audience?- People will enjoy this play because it’s very humourous and the one liners are pretty funny, so be there and enjoy. 
Kovindu De Saram 
How did you get involved in theatre?- I started with Workshop Players and ever since then I’ve been trying to do as many productions as possible. 
What is your role in this drama?- I play “Kris Kreigle” who is a Christmas criminal and does his robbing in Santa Clause outfits and brings about the confusion. 
What message can you give the audience?- This is a fast comedy so there will be different types of humour and I hope whoever who comes to watch will enjoy the show. 
Melmari Cruze 
How did you get involved in theatre?- Drama started in school and after school I’ve worked with Silent Hands and Workshop Players in multiple productions. I hope to continue this for as long as I can. 
What is your role in this drama?- My character is “Sheila Kreigle” and I’m married to Chris. We work together on the stealing and she is the mastermind of the whole plot. 
What message can you give the audience?- It’s a Christmas comedy which is super exciting and it will keep the people really interested, I hope everyone loves the show. 
Author: Yehan Arsakularatne 
Pics by: Nimalsiri Edirisinghe  


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