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Directed by Shobi Perera and organised by the famous musical duo the De Lanerolle Brothers (DLB),  the 6th concert of their targeted 10 for 2019 organised in view of their 10 year anniversary of singing together will get underway next month. Scheduled to be held at the BMICH on the 2nd of September featuring for the first time in history a collaboration of The DLB squared band and the National Unity Orchestra, this event is bound to be one of the most phenomenal performances ever put on by the Brothers. 

Sitting down for an interview with us this week, they spoke about their upcoming performance and plans for the future. 

Tell me a bit about your early life and how you entered the music industry?

Was known as a livewire while in the school choir and while at S Thomas' College Mount Lavinia Rohan had already gained a name for himself and started having his own concerts at a very young age. I was instrumental in starting the Thomian Chamber Orchestra and being its first director and conductor in 1998 and sang in the choir and organised the inaugural Inter School Music quiz. 
We were the only two brothers to win the best actors’ trophy at College. 

Your journey wouldn't have been a bed of roses. Were there moments during your career that you felt like you wouldn't make it/you would fail? How did you deal with such situations?

If there is a will there is always a way, there were many obstacles that were placed unfortunately by people who were not so nice and who were jealous. Sorry to say, each time we were faced with an obstacle we kept pushing each other to be strong and determined to achieve what we wanted.

In your opinion, what would you say sets you apart from the other musicians in the industry? 

We are the only international act (when performing overseas to a foreign audience) living in Sri Lanka. We have also organised and presented at least 5 concerts a year for the last 10 years. We are also the only act to organise and present  2 sit down (3 to 4 course) dinner concerts a year for the last 10 years. 

What makes this specific concert more unique than the rest?

As part of our 10 years together we announced 10 concerts in Sri Lanka. So this is our 6th out of that. For the first time in History we will be bringing together the National Unity Orchestra with the DLB Squared Band at the BMICH on the 2nd of September 2019 at 7.30pm. The orchestra together with the band will play pop music and there will be no conductor. 

What other plans and projects do you have in mind for the future?

From the year 2020, the structure of our shows is going to change which we will announce later. The dinner shows will come to an end most probably as we have done it for a long time - 10 years 

As is always the case with DLB concerts we can certainly expect a fantastic production that will leave the audience feeling involved, entertained and content. 

So make sure not to miss out on this amazing experience and reserve your tickets now! 
Tickets can be booked reserved and delivered to the doorstep by the De Lanerolle Brothers Dedicated hotline 0777-996991. 

Here is a chance for 10 couples to win tickets!
Answer the question below and e mail to –


Q- Which anniversary are the brothers celebrating this year? 


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