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Grand Holidays : Discover Sri Lanka  
Grand Holidays, a new entrant to the destinations management industry in Sri Lanka has quite a number of packages to offer to its customers. With a quality service and innovative product design, Grand Holidays promise to give its clients a memorable travel experience. Speaking to the Daily Mirror Life, its managing partner Anil Mathew spoke about its mission and future developments. 
Tell us about Grand Holidays. 
Grand Holidays is a Sri Lanka Tourist Board approved travel and tourism company that has come quite along way in its journey amidst challenges. Since we are quite new to the market we are facing quite a competition but why it stands out from the rest is because it has price differentiations and quite a number of offers and packages. We are operating from Dubai and are working with a lot of foreigners. Grand Holidays provides a personalised service and we run regular email blasters and other promotion campaigns. 
What are the offers and packages you provide? 
We provide inbound and outbound tours, weekend getaway packages, 14-15 day tours in and around Sri Lanka and packages for families. 
Why should one choose to travel with Grand Holidays? 
We add quality and a personalised touch to their stay. In fact we want to make sure that our clients had had a memorable stay. There are big players in the industry but they don’t pay attention to every minute detail. According to our corporate policy we thank them once they have finished their stay and in that way we try to build up a long term relationship with them. 
How has the feedback from clients been? 
There are some of them who have travelled with us ever since we started our company. We focus on our clients’ needs more than our needs. They always can spend a relaxed holiday with Grand Holidays. Our primary objective is to keep our clients happy. 
By Kamanthi Wickramasinghe


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