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Chanaka Herath is an IT and a Management professional. Having lived abroad for a number of years, the easy paced island lifestyle lured him back to Sri Lanka. Embarking on an ambitious project with his wife, Chanaka has just launched Key 2 Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd - an Inbound Tour Company promoting the amazing spectrum of natural beauty, history and the activity based holidays of in Sri Lanka. 
Why do you love travel? 
Explore the unknown.. experience the unknown. 
Your favourite travel destination and why? 
Kenya and Tanzania. Amazing wildlife and game lodges so close to nature. 
What do you need for a perfect holiday? 
Make sure we get close to local culture and people. 
In which country have you felt most at home? 
The UK. So many friends and family. Can buy all the lovely Sri Lankan food and able to socialize at short notice! 
Most unusual souvenir you have brought home? 
A Masai tribe wooden statue and swords made out of pure ebony. 
Worst holiday or travel experience? 
Trying to depart on Ryan Air from Stansted Airport. My friends had to depart to 3 different destinations at different times of the day and without any confirmation till the last minute. 
Best piece of travel advice? 
Go with the swing and your preferences. 
Your top five travel destinations? 
Kenya, Tanzania, New York and Niagara Falls, Egypt and Italy. 
What has travel taught you? 
Expect the unexpected and don’t complain. 
Which country did you taste the best ever cuisine? 
Next travel destination? 
Vietnam and Cambodia. 
By Tina Edward Gunawardhana


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