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Day 4 of Fairway Galle Literary Festival 2018

Amit Chaudhuri is a novelist, literary critic and music composer. His most recent novel is ‘Friend of My Youth’ which is the seventh book he has written.

At the session, Amit spoke about his work and what lead him to write. 

“I started writing with poetry and then I went into fiction,

he said,

“But I also had a moment where I also wanted to be in the film industry!”

Amit explored his book Friend of my Youth in which the protagonist, Amit Chaudhuri, explores friendship, cities, memories 
and life. He spoke deeply about the role of food in his book and also the protagonist. 
When asked how his session went he replied, “I really liked the audience. I thought they were very engaging”
After the session we also spoke to some of the audience members to  get their comments; 

“It was interesting” – Chris

“I haven’t read the book but I was curious so I bought the book and attended the session but I’m not sure if the session drew a connection to the book” – Jorn 

“Amit is so expressive about so many subjects and his writing is extraordinary so I’m very impressed” – Sandra Jensen

“I enjoyed the session. It was very reflective” – Anonymous

“Oh I really liked the session” – Asha

“It was one of the best sessions, very engaging” – Anon


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