Keeping it Real with the De Lanerolle Brothers

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Beginning this year in the most significant way possible, the ever famous duo - The De Lanerolle Brothers, hosted the first of ten concerts in celebration of their 10th year anniversary.
Primarily organized by the St. Thomas’ College Old Boys batches of 1992 and 1999, “Keeping it Real”, featuring our favourite Brothers, was held last Monday, the 28th of January 2019 at the BMICH, as an initiative to raise funds for the third phase of their School Library project.

The Brothers, as always, put on a spectacular show and were nothing short of magnificent in their singing. From the very inception, they had the audience mesmerized and in good spirits, and we expected nothing less from this incredible veteran duo. In addition, the show also featured the primary and middle school choirs of St. Thomas's College, as well as The Voice by Ishan De Lanerolle. 
“Simply the best, Better than all the rest, Better than anyone, anyone I've ever met” were the classic lyrics by Tina Turner that started off the evening. This was followed by many hit songs like “My Girl”, “Save the last dance for me”, “Yesterday” and “Have you ever seen the rain”, just to name a few. “Sing a song for the children” was the harmonious melody we enjoyed as the Primary Choir of St. Thomas’ College joined the Brothers on stage. This was followed with the Middle School Choir joining in to sing the ever famous and much loved “Waterloo” by Abba. I particularly enjoyed “Try a little Kindness”, The Frank Sinatra version of “My Way” and “Burning Love” by Elvis Presley. “Kokomo” and “ Those Magic Changes” were the songs sung by The Voice led by Ishan De Lanerolle.
Amidst shouts of an encore, the brothers wrapped up the concert with the final song “ Proud Mary”, another classic hit by Tina Turner. DLB Squared directed by ShobiPerera which accompanied the brothers were certainly remarkable, and evidently played a vital role throughout the show. 
The concert was truly magnificent and the Brothers were outstanding, once again showing us why they are one of the biggest names in the Sri Lankan music industry. Even after years of performing they never fail to bring an exciting twist onstage, not just with their singing but also their personalities.
Director General of the BMICH Mr Sunil Dissanayake
We are thankful to the De Lanerolle Brothers for having selected the BMICH for this concert for two reasons - Being the first concert in their tenth anniversary year and second Hon SWRD Bandaranaike in whose memory the BMICH has been built is a distinguished Thomian, the De Lanerolle Brothers are Thomians and I am a Thomian. The Concert is being presented by two Thomian  old boys’ groups. So the concert is an all Thomian affair.
RanjiniTenekoon –
“My two grand-nephews are a part of Ishan’s choir. It is quite nice and I am enjoying the show. I have been to their shows a few times before.” 
Rashmika De Silva –
“It’s really good and we enjoyed the show.”
PriyanthaCooray –
“It has been very good show, we have been following the De Lanerolle brothers for quite a while. Kudos to them for helping College out.” 
Ruth Rodrigo –
“It was excellent. The band was just brilliant.” 
Ashvin Ganesh –
“I’ve been to their shows and it was really nice from the beginning. I really enjoyed it. The De Lanerolle Brothers were brilliant and I especially liked the trumpets a lot.” 
Carmen Fernando -
“My son is also taking part in the event and i enjoyed the show very much”
ChandanaLokuge -
“This is my first De Lanerolle brother concert and i think they are marvellous”
JayampathAttanayake -
“Its a great show with some wonderful songs from our era. I certainly had a lovely time”
KanchanaMadawela -
Im Definitely enjoying the show, my son is also taking part. Actually my son has taken part in many of their concerts and we always enjoy a De Lanerolle Brother concert.
Ruki Mather -
“I usually come for their Christmas shows but i must say that this show was simply amazing. I love their selection of songs”
Writers: Sheshan Dias & VihanWickremasurendra 
Pics by: KushanPathiraja


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