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Passion was given free rein to when eight incredibly talented artists voiced their fervour and creativity through artworks last weekend. “Passion 2013” signature event of Rotaract Club of Cinnamon Gardens stole breaths as picture perfect pieces spoke volumes of the dream and passion that drove the artists’ work and lives. A section of the galleries of Sapumal Foundation in Barnes Place was lit up with art lovers and friends arrived at the opening ceremony on Saturday evening.

An unconventionally themed event, it resonated the idea of artistic license, which each of the artists in someway put to use. All artists had nothing in common and were each unique in style, medium, taste and interpretation. Held for the second time, Passion is an exhibition which is instrumental in infusing new blood, innovation and versatility to the field. The exhibition had a two day run over the weekend. An unrestricted forum for expression, I found the concept and exhibits rather intriguing. Anushka Hempel was the chief guest at the event.   

Mayantha Perera, the youngest artist onboard works with water colours: “It feels very good to be displaying this collection on which I have been working for a while now. These water colour paintings are based on the lives of people in the working class.”

Chathuranga Gamage’s paintings are ink based and depicted sceneries from a bygone era: I think it’s cool to be partaking. These organizers are doing a great thing by putting this together and opening up avenues for us.”

Bhanuka Bodaragama’s medium of choice was collage, “I’m very excited to be taking part. I’ve been working on these collage artworks for a couple of months now and it’s very rewarding to be here right now.”


Hash & Umanga’s skateboard art is well loved by those who’ve seen it before and the duo displayed a vibrant collection at Passion, “It’s been fun working with the Passion committee. Digital art is great to work with since it makes it easy to combine several media at once. Our collection reflect Sri Lankan/South Asian art and culture.”

Pathmal Yahampath displayed his metal sculptures at Passion, “first time at an exhibition, and it feels very good. It’s also great to come to know other talented people from the field. I find the figure, mood, rhythm and form that can be depicted via straight lines amusing.”


Shantan Kumarasamy, Georgiana Chitac and Denver Pereira were other artists displaying at Passion.

Azara Jaleel, Editor, ARTRA Magazine: “A lot of enthusiasm has been shown by both the Rotaract Club of Cinnamon Gardens as well as the artists. The club has been involved in professional development work. The interest shown in art is great to witness and this is the only exhibition of its kind that I know of. In terms of the work on display, it is very very interesting. The choice of artists showcased is rich in diversity, and it’s great to know the organizers are doing something about art.”





By Nivedha Jeyaseelan
Pics by Samantha Perera


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