Catching up with Shaq

Sep 24 2015. view 1599

1. Where are you these days? 
I am happily at home spending some quality time with the family. Then they all leave me by 9am, as they have their lives to lead, and places to go...and then trickle back after their day ends by 5pm. 
2. Do you feel that you are a radio legend? 
That’s not my call. 
3. Would you ever get on radio again?  
I never said I left radio, just stepped down from my position to pursue something exciting and new. However, I cannot commit the time that consumed me anymore! Not going to run a station anymore - been there, done that! If the opportunity arises where radio can fit into my current schedule, I certainly will consider, because radio will always be my passion and not my profession now.
4. Why were you on and off air, and then again on air, and then off again? Why such drama? 
There was no drama really. I stepped down from the show late last year to concentrate on the station. But the circumstances prompted me to be back on the show. 
5. Do you feel that you will be remembered as one of the best that Sri Lankan radio produced? 
You have to work hard to be the best at anything. Sacrifices need to be made along the way. All I can say is that I gave it my best shot- and it’s up to the listeners to decide if my best shot was worth remembering.
6. If you had to do a show with me, your thoughts? 
My thoughts are with you and your family in that case!
7. Tell me your real full name? 
It’s as long as yours!
8. What morning show are you tuned in to now? 
I channel surf honestly. I am just a listener now! I stick to a good conversation or a good song! A typical listener.
9. Who is your personal favourite - Shy or Bless? 
Be more specific with that question! :) On air- both had their strengths to make the show work in their own personal right.
10. Why are you with the cricketers now? What is new with this event management company? 
It’s not an event management company. We have several experts in that field in Sri Lanka. It’s an event promotion company we have been pondering for several months now. We thought the time was right as we all decided to step down from our individual professions and keep that just as a passion to start this new venture. It’s a very exciting prospect, and we are pitching the company at a nationalistic level with an international audience. I am sorry I can’t say too much till we officially launch next month. But very excited to work alongside two Legends the game of cricket has produced.
11. In your opinion, who is a better cricketer, Mahela or Sanga? 
Ha Ha- Numbers say Sanga, talent says Mahela. 
12. In your opinion, who is a better businessman, Mahela or Sanga?
I am finding out rapidly. Have to say though, Mahela has answered more group emails than Sanga has. 
Just for Fun 
What is your most impressive car repair skill? None!
What profession have you always admired? TV Talk Show Host
What language would you like to master? Chinese - The most popular in the world
Who is the most famous person you have ever met? My job made me cross paths with a few - none I would die over or lose sleep in anticipation.


  1. Wasa says:

    Who is this guy??? Never heard of him before.

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