Why Flings Are So 2003

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If I were to Google the most significant happenings in 2003, I would come across the occasional flood, victory in a game, and a change in governments. Nothing on legalizing temporary lovers. 

As recently as 2014, I would encourage the concept of F*ckboys. I would tell anyone and everyone to enjoy the life of temporary solutions and quick fixes. I would even reason with them and say it’s really no point being in a relationship *just* for sex. The way I saw it was I buy my own chocolate, shoes, and sleep for ten hours daily – there was no need to disturb this beautiful equilibrium. 

Women are independent and the only thing I imagined that the only act that required the involvement of another person was copulation. Three years later I couldn’t be more wrong for many reasons. I am thankful for coming to realize that fast food isn’t always the answer. 

If you’re living in 2017 and you think F*ckboys are acceptable, I am not judging you – no one can or should. Here’s why I stopped believing in this temporary concept: 

1. Rambo: 


In the event your spouse or partner is cheating on you, you may or may not have concrete evidence; if you think this is ‘revenge’, let me assure you that it is revenge – but, it’s against yourself. There’s really no good in stooping to his level. 

2. Clutter-mbo: 


Colombo and maybe even the world are getting smaller. The chances are, you will meet The One, but he could be your Summer Fling’s first cousin, and it’s all downhill from there. What goes in can have side-effects lasting longer than the contraceptive pills. You have needs, and I fully understand that, but let’s hope that your future partner understands this as well. 

3. Decease?: 


STDs. Enough said. 

4. Oxymoron: 


You can’t call yourself ‘independent’ and still say that you’re reliant on men to appease one side of you. You can’t be a Bawse Lady or a feminist and still believe in this temporary dickens. 

5. Train Tracks: 


No matter what your beliefs are, you cannot ignore the fact that in some way or the other, you have to ‘clear the path' for Him to arrive. You can call it God, kismet, karma, or laws of the universe – but, it's common knowledge that good cannot come to you when you hang on to the opposite. It's like a house that hasn't had its trash taken out in months; you can't expect an outsider to not have a whiff of that vile stench brewing from the inside. 

6. Cadzzz: 


Does casual humping actually elevate your happiness? I know that it could last for a day when you WhatsApp your group on dimensions and how teeny his peeny was, but if you were really to search your soul, it would reply in the negative. 

7. Whet Your Appetite: 


This may happen to you – where you lose your sense of interest in bedding someone after a series of seasonals. Let’s think of food (again), if you were to have an assortment of M&Ms, jujubes, and toffees the whole day, I doubt your appetite would fully appreciate a Red Velvet cake with extra cream cheese frosting at the end of a night. What you should be like are those gluttonous people who skip breakfast, lunch, and tea, when they have a dinner dance – save the best for the last. 

8. Ho! Ho! Ho! 


You are bound to lose friends. Not the kind who'd wish they had had a go with these guys before you, but genuine friends who care about you. Friends should and would not judge; but, long-standing friends tend to feel very discouraged when you repeat the same behavior. They might distance themselves because they are probably very tired of telling you what you should be doing, and you agree to do it, and break it 17 minutes later. 

9. Closed for Business: 


As mentioned in point (5), even if ‘He’ arrives, you might not appreciate the concept of love, marriage, or intimacy. What’s worse is that you build up a certain mentality where you find getting away with three flings with married men acceptable. 

With that, you have nine reasons why I personally believe that F*ckboys are a concept of the past – the new thrills lie in absolute, unadulterated independence! 

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