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If like me you’ve already fallen off the ‘new year, new me’ resolution bandwagon from January, luckily the Sinhala and Tamil new year allows you a new chance and why not  turn your attention to the more “doable” remit of fashion resolutions. From fearlessly experimenting with new trends to decluttering, everyone has some room for sartorial improvement and here’s how to improve your fashion game in the New Year!

Have no fear!
2016 was the year in which chunky soled platforms and fishnet socks paired up, wearing your shirt backwards signified not insanity but serious style and kitsch was uuber cool. So, whether it’s wearing more colour or embracing patterns, maybe move out of the black on black on black territory,  break your own rules for a more diverse and exciting look.

Buy less fast fashion
Think about what you’re spending your hard earned cash on, is it too trend led, will it last, how long will I wear it for, quality over quantity!  This doesn’t mean ditching your affordable shopping habits all together, but think wisely about those quick purchases to ensure more money and wardrobe space for more designer must-haves.

Find your outer sophistication!

From tailored classics to midi skirts, fashion has been migrating towards a more sophisticated look for a number of seasons – in part thanks to the overwhelming popularity of Gucci’s take on granny-chic. Whether it’s trading in your rubber slippers for kitten heels or opting for a crisp white shirt over a white t-shirt, upgrade parts of your wardrobe to embrace your more adult self.

Wear everything you own 

Chances are, despite your wardrobe  filled to the brim of jeans, dresses and accessories, you only wear a small percentage of the pieces in your wardrobe. Rediscover the clothes you’ve neglected at the back of your cupboard; spend a bit of time thinking about how to re-wear or re cut old favourites, this is a free and sustainable way to update your look.


If you spend ages standing clueless in front of your wardrobe, distressingly trying to find something great to wear to work while in a mad rush and trying not to be late, establishing a uniform could be perfect for you. Curating a capsule of the pieces you know work for you and your environment will save hours of frantic searching every day!

Wear it or gift it
Keeping your wardrobe clean, concise and curated will bring you inner peace (or something close to it!) so regular charity donations and gifting to friends will help you on your way to a more streamlined space. To find out what you should get rid of, try the hanger trick – place all your hangers in one direction and in three months evaluate how many have been turned to discover what you’ve actually worn.
Smart investments
Develop your own rules about what you will and will not splash out on, focussing on staples and classics and ditching that penchant for the latest must-have fad – despite what Instagram may tell you, most people don’t invest in wacky, seasonal pieces.

Treat your wardrobe well
Whether you’re guilty of throwing sort-of-worn clothes onto a pile for days on end or simply don’t head to The Laundromat as often as you’d like, focus on looking after the pieces you have. Making one small change could extend the life of your favourite items. Fold investment pieces in tissue paper, keep your shoes in their boxes or shoe bags and air your wardrobe out.

Think about what’s underneath

If you’re haunted by the old adage of wearing matching lingerie for fear of being struck down by a bus in your least stylish underwear, make 2017 the year in which you take heed. Lingerie is only getting more feminine and luxurious, and with affordable lovely lingerie readily available here, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to make yourself feel better from the bottom up.




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