New Year, New Me

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It’s about to be that time of the year again when folks young and old flock to social media or their social circles to profess their New Year resolutions. Echoes of “New Year, New Me” will engulf your being while simultaneously guilt tripping you - because if you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon, then what are you even doing with your life? Nothing, that’s what. Unfortunately, you will be constantly reminded that you’re failing as a human being if you haven’t figured out your future plans, come January 1st. Until, of course, the day finally arrives and resolutions drop faster than hot cakes. Here’s how to remain unbothered by the pressure, but still be on the right track.


1. Bid adieu to New Year's Resolutions.

Yes, really. You and I both know you’re going to succumb to your desires and eat that slice of cake you will inevitably crave during the month of January. Besides, having barely survived the expensive month of December, you will, in spite of your depleted savings, also pay a hefty sum towards a gym membership, knowing full well you won’t be going beyond the first month. While New Year’s resolutions can be a good motivator, they aren’t everyone's cup of tea. For most of us, it leads to ambitious, yet impulsive decision making we will soon regret. The very words “New Year Resolutions” weighs heavily on us, like that nagging aunt who just won’t go away. This makes the resolutions unpleasant, ensuring that you will probably never follow through.

2. Don’t cross the bridge before you get to it.

This is also essentially what we do with New Year resolutions - we make plans without making leeway for change, then get disoriented when change happens. No matter how hard we try - and as much as we’d love to - we can’t control and perfectly plan out our lives. Situations can change, altering the course of our lives quite significantly. When this happens, we find our lives derailing because the course of events fluctuated from what we had in mind. So while it’s good to have a basic plan, try not to lean too heavily on it, and make allowances for change.

3. One size does not fit all. Neither do timelines.

Come January 1st, you will be inundated with tons of advice - whether it’s from your mom, your well-meaning buddies or even someone you bumped into while grocery shopping. While some of the advice will certainly be useful, doesn’t mean it will work for you. So don’t get disheartened when this happens, instead, allow yourself to find your own groove. Most importantly, don’t put an uncompromising timeline on what you plan to achieve - you’re in your 40’s and don’t have a degree? Go ahead and get one, if that’s what you want. No matter what people say, life is not a rat race, so don’t get caught up in one.

4. Be kind on yourself.

Life is a rollercoaster. There will be plenty of highs, but there will also be lows. You wanted to eat healthy, but you slipped up. So what? You can always get back on it. You’re only human, you’re allowed to mess up, to fail. But when that happens, focus on moving forward. Don’t dwell on your failure. Instead, think about what you could do to avoid making the same mistake. 


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