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Mula Cold Pressed Juicery started with a bunch of likeminded people, who were on a journey to find a way to rejuvenate their bodies, with the busy lifestyles and all unhealthy food and the polluted environment getting the best of them. They have soon figured out that Sri Lanka is bursting with a lot of nutritious fruits and vegetables and juicing is one of the easiest methods to extract all of that goodness without hindering the value. Thus, have begun their journey of working day and night at the back of their house, bottling all the wholesome goodness Sri Lanka has to offer.
All of their juices were made by consulting a nutritionist and therefore gives the best results. The juices are completely raw, natural, free of any harmful chemicals, preservatives, sugar and dairy. Instead it’s bursting with minerals, nutrients, enzymes and everything else we forget to feed the body with on a day-to-day basis.
They have two packages called, The Re-starter Pack and The Cleanse. The Re-starter pack is designed to consume within a few days maintaining your normal dietary routine. But The Cleanse is much different. That has six juices and all must be consumed within a day without any solid food. If you’re extremely hungry, you’re allowed to eat a light salad or something healthy, but otherwise, it’s best to stay away from other food to yield the best results. 
Pre: The Cleanse
It’s better to stay off any heavy or unhealthy food, at least one or two days prior to the cleanse. Because you’re transforming into a completely liquid diet and the gut might not respond well. The first time I tried the cleanse, I had eaten a lot of junk food, the day prior and I had a lot of discomfort in the first few hours of the cleanse. I got severe gastritis, so I suggest you don’t do the same mistake I did. 
The Cleanse 
They are located in Kotte and delivers you the cleanse on the day of the cleanse itself to deliver the utmost freshness and nutrition to you. The cleanse as mentioned above has 6 bottles and we will take you through what’s in each of them. They also give you a cleansing guide, as to in which order they should be consumed and advise you on how to get ready for the cleanse and how to adjust back to normal life after the cleanse. 
Shine Bright Like a Diamond
All of their juice names are quirky and funny like this one. This one contains, almond, raw bee’s honey, Himalayan sea salt, cinnamon and water. Raw bee’s honey is abundant in antioxidants and improves your heart health. Himalayan sea salt has been one of the most talked about food in the last year or so and it has plenty of health benefits such as balancing the body pH, giving trace minerals that is hard to find and also improving the mineral status of the body. It’s important to understand that we mess with our body pH a lot with all the highly salt saturated food we eat and other unhealthy things, and at least once in awhile we should reset it. Toying with our pH is not a good thing to, it might have dire consequences, if we stretch it beyond the limit, the chances of dying is very high. Cinnamon is one of the most sorted after and highly nutritious condiments in the world and Sri Lanka happens to be the country that produces the highest quality cinnamon. But we rarely incorporate that in our diet. It’s filled with antioxidants and lowers blood sugar levels among many other benefits.
Today’s Gonna be the Day that They Gotukola Back to You
So, this has pineapple, celery, ambarella, spinach, hathawariya, gotukola, thebu and lemon. They have tried their best to incorporate the nutrient dense food of Sri Lanka to their juices as much as possible. Pineapple is high in manganese, vitamin C and dietary fiber. Even though manganese is a trace mineral needed for the body, it’s hard to find manganese in most food we eat. Celery is a good source of vitamin K, folate, vitamin A, potassium and vitamin C. These are all nutrients the body needs in a rather high concentration. Spinach is considered a superfood and helps with skin, hair and bone health whilst carrying vitamins A, E and C, niacin, riboflavin, potassium, calcium and zinc. Hathawariya, gotukola and thebu are grown in large scales in Sri Lanka and contain many minerals, vitamins and nutrients that the body needs.
Yellow from the Other Side
Yellow from the Other Side contains orange, cucumber, carrot, celery, turmeric, chia seeds and lime. Orange whilst being high in vitamin C, it also improves the health of the immune system, prevents skin damage and controls the blood sugar levels. Cucumber is also one of the veggies that is high in nutrients and it helps with the prevention of cancer, maintaining bone health, heart health as well as digestion.  Carrots, inheriting from its colour is high in carotenoids which will be converted to vitamin A in our bodies and also carried fiber, vitamin K, potassium and other antioxidants plenty. Being raved for generations, turmeric has a lot of health benefits and among them are having powerful anti-inflammatory effects and being a very strong antioxidant. Chia seeds are also another superfood and it brings omega-3-fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, iron and calcium. 
Don’t Cry for Me Spirulina 
This amazing concoction carries spirulina, apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley, lemon and black pepper.  Spirulina is a cyanobacteria, which is also called blue green algae and it has been consumed for centuries because of its enhanced concentrations of nutrients. This is also considered as a superfood and it is said to be good for weight loss, diabetes, high cholesterol and to even treat for anxiety, stress and depression. The combination of fruits in this juice have minimized the taste of spirulina which can be off-putting. Even though we don’t give much importance to parsley as a nutritious food, this is used to treat urinary tract infections, kidney stones, gastrointestinal disorders, jaundice, diabetes, asthma and many more diseases and ailments. Black pepper is grown in abundance in Sri Lanka and has an array of health benefits including helping with digestion, helping respiratory disorders, skin problems, blood circulation, hair growth, weight control and many more. 
My Heart Skips a Beat
My Heart Skips a Beat contains beetroot, carrot, apple, ginger, lemon and tomato. Beetroot, even though it seems like a strange choice for a juice, contains a lot of good nutrients such as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, zinc, copper, selenium and gives benefits such as improving heart health, improving exercise stamina, helping with maintain a healthy weight etc. Ginger has been known for centuries for carrying many strong health benefits. Some of them are treating nausea, reducing muscle pain and soreness, anti-inflammatory effects, helping with arthritis and the main compound of ginger, gingerol is a strong antioxidant and has a lot of medicinal properties. 
I’m so Mint to You
I’m so Mint to You is the last of the series of juices and adds a refreshing end to the remarkable day made by the cleanse. It contains watermelon, cucumber, lemon, mint, basil seeds, ginger and king coconut. Watermelon has a lot of health benefits including preventing cancer, improving heart health, lowering inflammation and oxidative stress etc. Mint has been used for centuries to aid with stomach ailments and indigestion and also to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Even though we drink king coconut almost as a staple, it’s native to Sri Lanka and contains nutrients such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin E and it can be used as an effective remedy for kidney, urinary, intestinal and skin disorders. 
My Thought During the Cleanse
Even though it took off with a rocky start, I felt extremely good by the 3rd juice or so. I didn’t feel hungry at all and felt very energetic. But they advise to stay off any laborious work as the energy production is low because the carbohydrate ingestion is low. I did have some creative work to do and I struggled a lot with it. I didn’t have any problems focusing but nothing came to my mind, it was blank for the most part. After a lot of struggling I managed to get the work done and by the time I was done, I was exhausted and light headed. So, my advise is not to have scheduled anything of that sort for that day. That was my first time doing the cleanse, but the second time around, I didn’t have any problem doing any creative work. 
Post: The Cleanse
The day after the cleanse, you have to ease into the solid food, with a light meal of rice or grains. I felt extremely fresh after the cleanse and my skin was glowing. Not lying. I didn’t measure my weight, because I didn’t do this to lose weight, rather to flush my system with nutrients and reboot it. Also, the weight loss can be because of liquid weight loss, which will be regained when you switch to the normal weight. I generally eat a copious amount of starchy food and the feeling of freshness and lightness lasted throughout a week, Which was pretty great. I am a person who struggles with constipation, and this helped a lot with my bowel movements. 
Overall, this is a great experience and I think something like a juice cleanse is essential with the strenuous lives we lead, being exposed to a lot of pollution and filling up ourselves with junk food. In the long term, doing something like this can help our health immensely.
Tips/notes by author – Keep in mind that your body might take time to adjust and it is completely normal to feel discomfort in the beginning, which will fade away as the day goes. It’s important to monitor your diet a few days before and after the cleanse, otherwise your gastrointestinal tract will react badly. 


Devini Wettimuny

Devini Wettimuny is a writer, a marketer and a food scientist who has a degree in Food Science and technology. She has a quirky personality and is in the pursuit of bringing her love for food and writing together.



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