6 Types of Procrastinators

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Christopher Parker explained the bipolarity of procrastination best - “Procrastination is like a credit card; it’s a lot fun until you get the bill.”

And yet we do it. And keep doing it. Rinse and repeat. Never mind we already know that instant regret and high stress are all part of the equation. Even if we choose to ignore it, there are countless studies reminding us of the fact. Like the more recent 2016 study in the journal PL0S One that found procrastination to be associated with higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and even unemployment. Welp? Rinse and repeat.

Nevertheless most of us are and will continue to be chronic procrastinators, stress and regret be damned. So here are the most common types of procrastinators. Which one are you?

The Perfectionist

You can't get anything less than an A. You've set a goal and you will aspire to reach it. By hook or by crook. Eventually the impossibly high standards you've set for yourself will overwhelm you and your expectations now feel far too unrealistic and unattainable. So you'll definitely get started on time, but your quest for perfection will see you procrastinate despite the nagging regret.

The Thrill-Seeker

You thrive under pressure. You enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with procrastinating. And what a rush it is. Until of course you realise you could have done a better job had you started at least a little earlier. The thought nags you for a while, soon to be discarded when your procrastination habit creeps up on you come your next project. 

The Avoider

The project is tough and is causing you anxiety. So you put it off. “I'll do it soon. When I'm ready”. But you'll never really be ready because you're freaking out anyway. And freak out you will until the very last minute when you can no longer put it off. You'll nap instead. Or watch a movie. Or go out.

The Indecisive

You choose one topic. You're happy. No, wait. The other one seems easier. Maybe you'll try working on that. But your friend is doing the fourth topic. Makes sense to do that one - you can work on it together. And so it goes on until your deadlines punch you in your gut sending you spiralling into panic.

The Busy Procrastinator

You're the kind of person who's always got a lot on your plate. With a massive to-do list hovering somewhere at the mid level of your conscious, each new to do item gets shoved in. Besides, they're all equally important and you can't figure out what to do when. A lack of the ability to prioritize, starting projects at various points, stopping them and then recommencing on another project will inevitably lead to stress and full blown procrastination.

The Habitual Procrastinator

Procrastination is your thing. It's your middle name. You live and breathe procrastination. Why get stressed for long while you can be stressed for a shorter period when you start work late? Think about all the stuff you can do when you put thing off… the fun you can have?


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