The WNPS Encourages Wildlife Photographers to Look at Yala through a Different Lens

Nov 23 2023.

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Tusker Arjuna has nowhere to go
Pic by Dev Wijewardane

Today, many wildlife enthusiasts and tourists have become disillusioned at the state of affairs in one of Sri Lanka’s most beloved national parks. Overcrowding, speeding, and reckless driving are the order of the day, often causing undue stress to the species that reside within the park, while creating a negative experience for all visitors.

In a timely and ambitious initiative to restore the park to its former glory, the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society is currently working in partnership with the Department of Wildlife Conservation and the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority to train and nurture the skills and capabilities of the safari jeep drivers in the park.

To ensure the effectiveness of the programme, with effect from 01st January 2024, the authorisation to provide safari jeep services within the Ruhunu (Yala) National Park will be granted exclusively to participants who have obtained the relevant certificate of completion.

At this crucial juncture, wildlife photographers too hold the power to contribute positively towards the improved management of the iconic Yala National Park. As frequent visitors, they are uniquely positioned to inspire others to maintain ethical behaviour within the park and support its conservation goals. Furthermore, photography is a powerful skill that can help shift the narrative and change the way people see and interact with the natural world.

For any photographer wishing to gain a better understanding on how they can contribute towards the dawn of a new Yala, and address the challenges that exist within the park, the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society will be conducting a workshop led by two leading experts in the field of conservation, Dr. Sumith Pilapitiya and Kithsiri Gunawardena.

The programme entitled ‘Looking at Yala National Park through a Different Lens’ will be held on Saturday, the 25th of November 2023 from 4.00pm - 6.00pm at the Ruby Hall, BMICH (RSVP Guwani on 071 664 6664). 


Kithsiri Gunawardena Dr Sumith Pilapitiya



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