Keeping it Real with the De Lanerolle Brothers

Sep 05 2019.

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Performed by the acclaimed musical duo that is the De Lanerolle Brothers and directed by Shobi Perera, the 6th concert of their targeted 10 in view of their 10 year anniversary of singing together was held last Monday, the 2nd of September at the BMICH. 
For the first time in history we witnessed a collaboration of the DLB squared band and the National Unity Orchestra accompanying the Brothers, and needless to say it turned out to be a massive success. 
DLB performances are always a pleasure to watch as it isn't just a concert, its an extravaganza! From the brothers’ vibrant energy, the way they engage the audience and have them at the edge of their seats, to the instrumentalists who clearly enjoy every moment on stage, their performances are always an experience of wonder and magic. 
‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ was the song that the brothers made their entrance to amidst the thunderous applause and cheers of the audience. This was followed by Willie Nelsons “Help me make it through the night” after which the brothers welcomed the audience to their world with Gentleman Jim's renowned hit “Welcome to my world” led by the powerful voice of Ishan which could have rivalled Jim Reeves himself.  
This was followed by other melodious songs like "Come What May", "Save the last dance for me", "Under the Broadwalk” and even my all time favourite “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. We also saw the the brothers not breaking their usual tradition where Ishan sings a song by himself. His song of choice was Louis Armstrong’s renowned hit “What a Wonderful World”. Ishan’s rich bass voice was perfect and he had the audience thrilled and under his spell from the moment he began. 
Staying true to their roots, the brothers also performed a sinhala number which is still very much a local favourite, “Nim Him Sewwa” by veteran singer Pandith Amaradewa. 
Being all about keeping it real, the brothers then proceeded to interact with the audience and urged them to sing along when they performed Harry Belafonte’s acclaimed classic “Jamaican Farewell”. The people were ecstatic and enjoyed the whole experience as they sang along - surprisingly staying in correct tune (Yes, myself included!). 
More memorable classics like “Delilah”, “Blue spanish eyes” “I dreamed a dream” from Les Miserables and even their own fast paced version of “How Great Thou Art”  followed in close suit. 
They attempted to end the show with “Burning Love” by Elvis Presley but as is always the case with DLB concerts the audience screamed for an encore, to which the brothers (as always) unhesitantly obliged and proceeded to sing “Rolling on the River” by Tina Turner. 
Overall I felt the brothers, with Rohan's warm baritone and Ishan’s unparalleled bass accompanied by the talented individuals of both the DLB squared band and the National Unity Orchestra took this musical experience to new heights and proved once again why the De Lanerolle brothers are among the top musicians in Sri Lanka!
Niranjala Gunatilaka
It was a fabulous performance and I enjoyed it very much!
It was a fantastic performance. The brothers were excellent as always and the orchestra as well as the band were also great! 
Was a brilliant performance. We absolutely loved it! 
Sanath Rukwatta
The brothers were truly phenomenal! This is their first performance that I've watched and their singing as well the band that accompanied them were wonderful! 
Ducky Varma
It was par excellence, up to international standards and absolutely fabulous! I enjoyed every second of it! 
Shenelle Perera 
The performance as a whole was definitely on an international level, and the brothers themselves really outdid themselves today. I have never seen such an amazing performance in Sri Lanka before! Absolutely fantastic! 
Sohan Weerasinghe 
It was the best ever! The sounds were well balanced, the band and orchestra were wonderful and the brothers’ voices complemented each other so well to put up one of the best performances I have ever seen. 
Rev. Marc Billimoria  
This show proved once again why the De Lanerolle Brothers are one of the top names in the music industry. It was a fabulous performance and I enjoyed every moment of it! 
Danu Innasithamby 
I've been working with the brothers since they became popular as BLD and it has truly been a great experience. They have created almost a family like culture among their listeners and it’s truly wonderful to see how far they have come over the years! 
Pics: Kushan Pathiraja 


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