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‘Noted’ presented a great evening of entertainment as they unveiled a series of magical performances on 16 December 2019 on the stage of Methodist College auditorium. The All-female musical ensemble was under the expert direction of Sanjeev Jayaratnam, the choral director and leader of Revelations Academy.

The show featured a great variety of music from many genres such as classical, modern pop, gospel and acapella that blended the serious and comical music together, creating the perfect mood for Christmas, a celebration of joy and laughter as well as sorrow and tears.

The great choral music kept the entire audience entertained all throughout the one and a half hours of performances. Apart from ‘Noted,’ two other choirs of the Revelations Academy performed great music that, in no doubt, brought out the Christmas spirit within the hearts of every individual that spectated the glorious event. 

The specialty of the choir was that each and every singers’ voice could be heard among all the voices that harmonized together and created wonderful music. The show displayed the talents of many performers within a great age range, dressed in breathtaking and colourful attire. 

The highlights of the show were created when Sanjeev Jayaratnam joined in a few performances, surprising the audience with his powerful yet pure voice. One of the songs he performed with the choir was “Mary, did you know?”. It was indeed a pleasant experience that added to the glory of the entire show.

The audience was truly connected with the performers throughout the show, tapping along to the music and clapping along to create their own beats that showed appreciation and encouragement towards the skillful group. The performers managed to interact with the audience through humour and fun, lifting the moods and building a joyful atmosphere. The concert also conveyed great messages towards to the audience and allowed the people to feel the music with their whole hearts.

Shifting from the energetic “Jesus, oh what a wonderful child” to the soft, soothing tunes of “Silent night,” the choir succeeded in changing from one mood to another in less than a second, sending the audience in a musical frenzy and creating a memorable Christmas experience for everyone.

The concert was also the platform to create awareness about the incredible work done by Emerge Lanka Foundation that works for the betterment of sexually abused young women in Sri Lanka. The foundation helps the survivors of sexual abuse to heal themselves and provides them with the basic skills and knowledge that will help them to face the society, viewing it in a new light and helping them to build themselves a better future.

A stall was put up at the event that sold Jewellery made by the young survivors. It was indeed a great opportunity for those who liked to contribute towards Emerge and to make donations.

Here’s what the audience had to say;

Hazel -

On behalf of Emerge I would like to say that we are really grateful for the event today because it raises awareness for our cause. We are also grateful for the fact that everybody is talking about it now. Noted is very much appreciated. A very special thank you to Sanjeev and the choir for this amazing evening.


Rachel –

It was really good. Even the sounds were good. Sanjeev had done a great job training them. It was a great night to be in.

Nathan –

I think it was a really good show where we noted different talents, the highs and the lows. It was a great performance overall. Sir did a great job.

Nethmini –

It was fantastic and they have practiced a lot. They actually did well.

Azraa –

It was very interesting and unexpected. It was very nice to listen to.  It was a nice experience.


Jesu –

It was a very nice show. We really enjoyed it.


Ebenzer Joseph –

I think it was one of the most stimulating programmes. It was not just entertainment, there was also a message in it and the talents of everyone were simply amazing. 


Dimitri Gunathilake –

I liked the show. It was refreshing and a nice experience. 


Solomon –

It was really good and I really liked it.


Thivanthi –

It was really awesome this time. They harmonized perfectly. It was a great show. 

Sushanika –

It was really good. I got goosebumps the whole time. 


Neha –

The show was inspiring and it brought up the Christmas spirit. We all enjoyed the show. It was complete.


Priyanka –

I really enjoyed it. It was one of the best shows. It was so good.

Fiona - 

It was good. I enjoyed each and every one of the performances. What they can improve on is their body language which didn’t really match the energy of their voices. Other than that, it was superb.   

Pics by: Waruna Wanniarachchi 



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