Pay tribute to your parents

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Pay tribute to your parents with HNB Personal Loans

By Kamanthi Wickramasinghe

Once a child sees light in this world, parents are the first two individuals who would shower him or her with love, care and protection. From feeding you to giving you all the advice to face the world with courage, parents sometimes go out of their way to see their children doing well. In today’s day and age of technology, the bond between parents and children has become weak. But it is the responsibility of every parent to nurture their children and guide them through life.

As Sri Lankans we have a unique tradition embedded in our lifestyles, which is to look after the elderly. This begins from grandparents who live in our houses and we are eventually vested with the responsibility of looking after our parents. Although how busy you could be, parents have to be a priority. After all that they have done for your well-being, if they require your presence, its best that you dedicate your time for them. After all that they have done, they may want to spend the rest of their lives, listening to religious sermons or spending time with your family, grandchildren and loved ones.  As much as they wanted to see you smile, you too may want to keep them happy.

Sometimes with today’s busy lifestyles, children tend to neglect their parents. However, it is the responsibility of every son and daughter to look after their parents when they grow old. For all that they have done to make you happy; time has now come for you to pay tribute to them.

This dream could be achieved if with HNB Personal Loan. HNB Personal Loans have made it as easy as it can be to transcend from dreaming to sharing. And what is more exciting and fulfilling than sharing a dream with someone you love?! It could be a trip abroad with your mother, or sending your child to university, or maybe to finance your perfect wedding. Whatever it may be, always remember, the best things in life were meant to be shared.




Kamanthi Wickramasinghe

A psychology graduate who eventually became a journalist to be a voice for unheard voices. A proud Sri Lankan - Thalassophile - Travel fan - Nature lover - Chocoholic - Extraordinarily loud - Frequent laughaholic. Follow me on Instagram - @kamzylifeTM or FB – Kamanthi Wickramasinghe


  1. Godaya says:

    What is this, an article or an advertisement?

    • Sunna says:

      Most confusing ......... even he does not know ?

  2. SangAralingham says:

    Parents in majority of society are guardian angels loved us protect us fed us comfort us ecucateus helped us dupport us and many more. Do ehen time reached ehen they have difficulty eith life situations we as intelligent must protect them help them and support them

    • Dompe Mudalali says:

      Our kids eating too much US created rubbish like: KFC, Pizza and other western rubbish to bother about their family and parents !

  3. Zabith Yoosuf says:

    What has HNB personal loan got to do with taking care of your parents? Money is not everything in life. Even a billion dollars can't bring happiness, if someone cannot be around and take care of their parents when they are in need of their children. Same goes to the children of those parents ... No matter how financially stable a person is, if he or she doesn't get an opportunity to take care of their parents physically, those children are poorest in the world.

    • Manjari Peiris says:

      I too agree that personal loans or money do not matter in taking care of parents. It is dedication, commitment, care, kindness ,gratefulness and compassion that matters. However people need more money when they are old as medical attention is more important while they are old. Nevertheless nowadays the government has imposed various taxes on medical needs. Though people have raised their voices against it, the government is behaving as "deaf elephants". Similarly the only source of income for old people is bank interest on their deposits. The government is grabbing that money too by imposing tax on bank interests. I call this government as a "vicious government."

    • Sunil says:

      I agree. This is a big problem, no ........ ?

  4. sarath says:

    The dubious title has been misleading respected readers. This is pathetic and created by someone who knows a bit of psychology! Is the Editor awake?

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